Published On: Mon, May 17th, 2021

Zoo cute pets diving together, wok leads the craze again!

Cryptocurrency investors are going through the cliff market from prosperity to “severe winter”. In just one month, Musk’s Tesla went from making more than one billion in Bitcoin and accepting Bitcoin payments to publicly refusing to pay Bitcoin that Bitcoin is “unenvironmental”. The fate of some people lies in Tesla. The two announcements made a two-level jump between the two statements; the global meme coin SHIB has also changed from a hot spot to a “discarded son” donated by V God to India…

Cryptocurrency investors are facing “big changes”.

On the one hand, the central bank’s digital currency is continuously advancing, on the other hand, the high-profile shipments or acquisitions of investment tycoons, as individual investors inevitably lose their way in the turbulent waves.

In fact, in the field of cryptocurrency, you only need to keep in mind a “heart sutra” to safely cross the bulls and bears. That is, “follow the trend, and those who know the current affairs are brilliant.”

In this context, it is self-evident what kind of track to choose, and “physical” links are king. Wok uses technology to combine DEFI+NFT+wokswap to allow multi-chain cross-interaction, which broadens unlimited possibilities for the realization of WEB3.0. Wok allows everything to be interconnected, and links create value. Establish a new perspective, subversive, and a new blockchain financial solution to achieve the integration of the two worlds on the chain and off the chain. Assets and value can circulate in a closed loop in a mutually independent system. The Wok application focuses on synthesizing assets in life, creating a “chain” for assets in the world. From stocks, bonds, bulk commodities, major event predictions, to commemorative coins, brand-name products, fans and surroundings in life, various assets are anchored to the value of online Wok, transparent transactions, and NFTs will surely cause boiling in the two worlds. .