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Why Switch to Shampoo Bars and Which Ones to Use

FashionWhy Switch to Shampoo Bars and Which Ones to Use

Convenience is kind of expected nowadays, whether it’s groceries delivered to your doorstep, or ordering dinner without having to actually interact with another human being. And in this age of ultra-efficiency, what’s more convenient than a shampoo bar?  They’re easy to use, perfect for travel, and last longer than your average bottle of shampoo.

According to LUSH (the beauty brand that makes a number of popular shampoo bars), the average shampoo bar can last up to 80 washes, which is two to three times longer than liquid shampoo. Match that with the all-natural ingredients typically used in bars (think essential oils, coconut and avocado) and the absence of plastic bottles used to contain mainstream products, and there really isn’t a reason to not try them. Below, check out eight great shampoo bar options to add to your shower immediately. 

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