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Why do HDVC stand out from the crowd in the IPFS ecosystem?

FinanceWhy do HDVC stand out from the crowd in the IPFS ecosystem?

Since the 1970s, with the rapid development of cryptography technology, distributed networks, consensus algorithms, and hardware storage computing capabilities, the conditions for establishing a cross-subject consensus coordination mechanism through technical means have become increasingly mature. Intermediary institutions’ trust risk, reduce transaction costs, and improve collaboration efficiency provide a new and more effective solution.

In recent years, the global blockchain industry has entered a stage of rapid development. In the past few years, the blockchain has attracted extensive attention due to its revolutionary features and huge application prospects, and has become a “arms” competition for global competition. At present, the world is embracing the “blockchain economy era”, more mature applications are accelerating, and blockchain will redefine the world.

The decentralized and autonomous governance system represented by blockchain technology is attracting more and more attention and research. At present, there are more than 5,000 global cryptocurrencies, and the overall value of global encrypted digital assets has reached more than 200 billion US dollars. The user community in the field of blockchain/digital assets is also expanding rapidly. From 2 million users worldwide in early 2013 to 20 million users in early 2017. By 2025, global blockchain/digital asset users will reach or exceed 1 billion.

The dark horses in the blockchain field are endless. The IPFS technology has become very popular in recent years, attracting the attention of many project developers. On the one hand, the development of IPFS technology is extremely hot, attracting a lot of funds and projects. On the other hand, it is precisely because of the overheating of funds and projects that IPFS has become a hotbed of “MLM projects”. . Not only that, the difficulty of mining also makes investors scratch their heads. Cryptocurrency mining is not an easy task. In addition, Filecoin is almost the most difficult project to achieve home mining in all IPFS, and the price of professional mining machines is extremely high, so how to achieve convenient mining is a problem.

In terms of distributed data value grading, due to the characteristics of distributed storage, data is only permanently stored without value confirmation, which results in shortcomings in value statistics. Over time, distributed storage architecture will have no definition of data value Standards, especially when processing various types of data that grow in geometric multiples, this trend is inevitable. The typical blockchain system currently implements the storage of reconciliation data, the typical way is based on a simple file system or a simple KV database storage is packaged in blocks, ignoring the actual data value differences in complex business scenarios.

一. HDVC solves the pain points of the distributed storage market

HDVC (Hash Data value correction) is a decentralized distributed storage data intelligent value positioning platform based on the underlying architecture of the IPFS interstellar file system. The platform links global interstellar nodes through a distributed storage system. HDVC will use idle storage resources around the world to form a collaborative, decentralized data traceability, so that effective information resources can be correctly priced.

When every website and application in the decentralized Internet can use HDVC for reasonable value positioning, it can not only reduce expenditure, but also achieve more efficient information transaction and circulation. Any machine with Internet access, including a PC, laptop, server, or dedicated IoT device, can be used to contribute to the HDVC network, provide truly valuable trees, and receive HDVC token rewards. The total value of correctly positioned data is at least five times the growth stubborn potential through the Varenna algorithm compared to the total value of data that has not been intelligently summarized by value.

HDVC fully applies the positioning thinking of data value, so that every subject in the Internet ecological group can enjoy the progress brought by the correct data value. Each subject can quickly and easily share or purchase network resources on HDVC and enjoy The 5G era brings great benefits to network resources and enjoys the asset value generated by network resources with peace of mind. All user information transmission, asset transactions and capital allocation activities will be protected and supported based on blockchain technology.

. HDVC’s business solutions and core functions

HDVC provides users with the following services:

1. Shared mining

This is the core application scenario of HDVC. HDVC uses authorized network devices (PCs, tablets, routers, dedicated IoT devices, etc.) as nodes of the HDVC network. The network resources contributed by each node are computing power and resources. The amount and length of time all determine the amount of mining. After the network resources contributed by the sharers are collected by HDVC, they can be sold to companies in need.

2. Formation and information sharing of distributed Internet of Things

The current IoT system is still a centralized system, and its construction cost is relatively high, because in addition to the service intermediary into a blockchain-based information resource super-chain network, the infrastructure and infrastructure related to the centralized cloud and large server farms The cost of maintenance is very high. And through the decentralized nature of HDVC, you can significantly reduce costs. HDVC can realize the low-cost formation and intelligent management of the Internet of Things through upgrades, the issuance of blockchain IoT modules, and digital management.

3. Value Confirmation Alliance

In HDVC, as data cannot be tampered with, the asymmetry of information is greatly reduced, and the value of data is reasonably positioned, and the cost of communication between organizations is also reduced. Solved the problem of information distortion and distortion, and the operation efficiency of the industrial chain was greatly improved. Data can flow non-destructively between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Industry chain companies can establish alliances at low cost without wasting time on gaming, and spend more energy on establishing a diversified management system and industry standards (such as establishing Price negotiation mechanism, user sharing mechanism, etc.) lay the foundation for expanding the scale and competitiveness of the entire network resource super-chain industry.

. HDVC’s decentralized business ecosystem

HDVC has released the vitality of the network resource sharing business market through blockchain technology, allowing traders at different levels of the world to enjoy fast and convenient services in the business market, making the entire market more active. The ecological value of the project is mainly expressed in the following aspects:

1. Realize transparent and diversified transactions. On HDVC, network resource sharing business services become transparent and credible. Participants can realize completely decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, omitting traditional intermediate links altogether, and making transactions transparent throughout. Thereby effectively reducing the cost of user participation. Under the guarantee of such a system, users have long-term idle network resources for further realization of opportunities, and as the B-end procurement of network resources, companies have reduced costs. Can achieve better services, such as more and better online games, videos, storage space, download speed, etc.

2. Optimizing global resource allocation Through distributed nodes all over the world, users can use digital assets to freely purchase various network services and shared resources. With the support of blockchain technology, the cumbersome liquidation process becomes very simple, and privacy will also be With adequate protection, the quality of services is guaranteed, the user experience is greatly increased, and global network resource allocation is optimized.

3. Improve the efficiency of the Internet of Things HDVC uses advanced decentralization and artificial intelligence technology to completely change the inefficiency and security issues under the traditional centralized Internet of Things system, and fundamentally establish ecological barriers to allow intelligent IoT 11HDVC. Can store the world to reshape the digital civilization PAGE network to provide services to the market with higher efficiency and safer safeguards.

4. The ecology is more complete. Through the revolutionary subversion of HDVC, the existing business service system will be completely reformed, and all the entities existing in this industrial chain will benefit from it, and each link in the ecosystem will also be able to realize its own value. The maximization of the release will further reduce transaction costs to an unimaginable level, the market will be more active and the ecology will be more complete.

HDVC fundamentally changes the business service system of network resource sharing through the grafting of the characteristics of the blockchain, which perfectly solves the problem of mutual distrust between transaction entities, effectively improves transaction efficiency, and reduces operating costs. The ecological model and application design of HDVC perfectly match the latest technological capabilities. The full realization of its capabilities will mean the arrival of an epic revolution for the existing network resource hyper-link commercial market, and will lead the era of IPFS navigation in the future!

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