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Who Tok丨Short video enters the second phase, 5G empowers video merchants to open up a new way

BusinessWho Tok丨Short video enters the second phase, 5G empowers video merchants to open up a new way

2018, explosion and glory

2018 was a year of rapid rise for the short video industry. Many short video apps that we are now familiar with, gradually came into our lives. The best among them even achieved a breakthrough in traffic from 0 to 100 million, and the short video industry has entered a high-speed outbreak period.

Within the monthly active users of China’s mainstream short-video apps, in September 2018, the active monthly active users of Kuaishou were 257.23 million, TikTok 23.63 million, and Watermelon Video 11.65 million. In 2018, the market size of the entire video content industry was 187.13 billion Yuan, and as the “main force” of the video industry, the growth rate of the short video market was the fastest, from 5.53 billion Yuan in 2017 to 46.71 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 744.7%.

By the end of 2019, TikTok had announced its daily traffic had broken the 400 million mark, and Kuaishou was ahead of schedule to complete the K3 campaign target, which meant that its daily activity had officially broken through 300 million, and the annual DAU net growth was 140 million. There is no doubt that Kuaidou has won the crown for short videos. Behind it, Baidu, Tencent, Weibo and other giants are still running hard on the short video track, struggling to find their former dominance in this sector.

2020, the second phase of the short video industry

As more and more comprehensive platforms begin to layout short video, the competition in the industry has further intensified; it is expected that in the next 1 to 2 years, the homogenization phenomenon will become increasingly fierce. In addition, most of the short video platforms no longer have obvious differentiated competition in positioning, content and target users. The user scale is close to the ceiling, and the user bonus period has gradually finished. The short video industry will engage in fierce competition, compete for existing market users and expansion of potential users.

The short video industry has entered into its second phase, all short video practitioners will also need find a new way out.

Expanding overseas markets, using TikTok as an example

After the Chinese market is saturated, expanding the overseas blue ocean market and going out of China will become the only way for the development of all short video platforms. Among them, the international version of TikTok is the leader of short video overseas.

According to Sensor Tower, ByteDance’s short video application, TikTok, achieved more than 738 million downloads in 2019, with a total global revenue of nearly $176.9 million (about 1,224 million Yuan), more than five times that of 2018. In 2019, TikTok continued to rise in popularity, becoming a trend sweeping the world and having an impact on the dominance of traditional social platforms.

According to statistics, the total installed volume of TikTok in 2019 accounted for 44% of its 1.65 billion installations so far, and the number of new registered users increased by 13% compared with 655 million in 2018. In 2019, the installation volume of Q4 was 219 million, which broke the record for installation volumes, up 6% from the previous best quarter, the fourth quarter of 2018. Tiktok was the second largest app installed in the global App store and Google Play last year, only behind WhatsApp’s 894 million installations.

In 2019, TikTok’s total revenue was $176.9 million (1,224 million Yuan), accounting for 71% of total revenue since its release ($247.6 million, 1,713 million Yuan). Q4 2019 was also the best quarter to date, with $88.5 million in revenue, six times that of Q4 2018.

Therefore, it can be seen that China’s short video industry is globally oriented, and market exploration is an inevitable trend.

 Who Tok丨Setting foot in overseas markets, 5G enabling video merchants

Who Tok is a short video mobile app that integrates short video + online celebrity economy + e-commerce + social + new entity + blockchain. Here, users can experience the better presentation and charm of short videos in the 5G era. Who Tok shows all users how to create their own value through short videos, whether it is a business, a manufacturer or an online celebrity anchor, they can precisely match the target population through Who Tok, to create a complete closed traffic loop.

Who Tok is accurately positioning the global market, has created a global layout, created a disruptive business model for the video business, and has adapt to current developments. It took advantage of 5G to empower the video business. It is committed to leading by innovative business thinking and a unique operational mode through 5G, blockchain, big Internet + big data technology. It uses the four functional blocks of live broadcast rewards, social chat, fan fission, and the video shopping mall as its core, utilizing the short video platform as the tool to build a global entertainment economic cycle. It is believed that Who Tok will also lead the short video industry as it benefits from 5G and it will lead a new round of explosive growth for the industry.

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