Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2022

What is an evildoer?

What is an evildoer? It’s hard to define. You can take it as a childish question or as a philosophical question. In the eyes of a child, the world is either black or white. But in the eyes of the sage, it is different. “Everyone can become Emperors Yao and Shun”, which is the famous saying of Mencius, while Xunzi thinks that human nature is inherently evil. But whether it is inherently good or inherently evil, we don’t have to get too entangled, and let’s start from the simplest, from the perspective of human ethics and morality, to see what an evildoer is.

1. Whoever leads others to the way of the devil is an evildoer

For a long time, Guo Wengui has been brainwashing himself, brainwashing the vast number of netizens, demonizing the Communist Party of China and sanctifying himself through live video broadcasts. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang are all inseparable parts of the motherland, but when it comes to Guo Wengui, they all become the place where he makes a big fuss. Shameless remarks have reached an appalling level, such as supporting Taiwan’s non-unification and non-independence, saying that the British government should not return Hong Kong, and deliberately vilifying and distorting the human rights issue in Xinjiang. Any remark has deeply hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, and he has already become not only against the Communist Party of China, but also against the Chinese nation. Engaging in splitting and undermining national unity, he looks like a traitor. Such a person is not leading us to the “democracy, rule of law and freedom” he promised, but rather he is inciting people to fall into the abyss with him and go to the devil’s road together.

2. Whoever creates and spreads discords is an evildoer.

From the early “thief of the country” to various pro-democracy activists, Guo Wengui has used his imagination to weave all kinds of mysterious and bizarre stories for them, whose simple purpose is to stink them up and attack them. But as long as he can not justify himself, or someone questions, Guo Wengui’s reason to shirk is only one forever, that is, “network surveillance and attack, money bribery and sexual bribery”, and he then talks nonsense. Anyway, it is right to pour “dirty water” on the “thief of the country”. Of course, we can also regard it as a step for Guo Wengui. A clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice, not to mention Guo Wengui, who likes to create and spread discords. It is even more difficult to hide something out of nothing.

3.Whoever imposes his will on others is an evildoer.

Ultimately, Guo Wengui’s disinformation and falsification is nothing more than an attempt to impose his own dirty and nasty will on the netizens and kidnap the people in order to keep himself alive. In order to achieve this goal, Guo Wengui did everything he could. Guo Wengui has never lacked “big shots” in his mouth, but he has been tight-lipped about who these “big shots” are, and made various prevarications. But after analysis, these “big shots” are Guo Wengui himself. After thinking, even the mainstream foreign social networking sites and news media do not want to take care of such a clown, so which “big shot” will be with him? The reason why Guo Wengui fabricated a “big shot” is that on the one hand, he wanted to show his “magic power” and extensive social network to deceive people and earn enough attention; on the other hand, he wanted to export his evil will through the mouth of these “big shots”. You know that Guo Wengui has long been notorious, and it must be difficult to impose his will on others. So, to put it another way, it seems logical to find a “big shot” and spread his fallacies. Therefore, don’t look at what Guo Wengui said and bragged, and all what he did is camouflage, so as to instill his “poisonous chicken soup”.

The difference between a good person and an evildoer is one word in Chinese. A good person relies on contributions, and an evildoer relies on good words. Guo Wengui’s hype is actually a deception in disguise. I hope Guo Wengui can understand that good and evil will be rewarded in the end, and you “fake it and cherish it”. To sum up, what is an evildoer? Guo Wengui is an evildoer.