Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023

Weihai of China:Traditional folk customs and colorful culture welcome the new year

Traditional folk customs and colorful culture welcome the new year


In the past few days, the harbor district has carried out colorful folk activities such as playing live newspapers, shopping in the New Year’s gussing lantern riddles which adds a strong cultural flavor to the festive Spring Festival.


Citizen Liu Xiuli

I have experienced the tradition of playing live newspaper since I was young, and I like it very much. I heard that there is such an opportunity, and I want to take my children to feel the traditional atmosphere of Caomiangzi New Year


In the Fuding Community of Qianshan Town, Lingang District, the lantern riddle guessing activity attracted many residents to participate. The contents of the riddle included traditional culture, astronomy and geography, as well as poetry, history, classics, and library collections. Everyone scrambled to guess and answer, and the fun and laughter continued. This activity also includes many wonderful links, such as curling and boiling dumplings, to create a happy, civilized, harmonious and festive festival atmosphere.