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Trump Fears Painting of Obama at White House Would Spy on Him

OtherTrump Fears Painting of Obama at White House Would Spy on Him

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Donald Trump is terrified of hanging an official portrait of former President Barack Obama at the White House because he is convinced that the painting would spy on him, a White House source has confirmed.

According to the source, when Trump was informed that unveiling a portrait of his predecessor was a storied White House tradition, “he totally freaked out.”

“You know what will happen,” Trump reportedly said. “That painting will be able to see and hear everything I do.”

In an increasingly paranoid rant, Trump explained that the painting of Obama, having collected damaging information about him, would then be able to pass that information on to former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Suddenly afraid that the White House corridors were lined with potentially traitorous paintings, Trump demanded that the portraits of all former Presidents who might betray him be removed immediately.

“The only one who made the cut was Nixon,” the source said.

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