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Trump Claims Biden Could Never Have a Pandemic As Big As His

OtherTrump Claims Biden Could Never Have a Pandemic As Big As His

WASHINGTON, D.C.(The Borowitz Report)—Trying out a new line of attack against the former Vice-President, Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Joe Biden could never have a pandemic as big as his.

“Biden was Vice-President for eight years and had all the time in the world to have a pandemic,” Trump said. “Where was his pandemic?”

By contrast, Trump asserted, “In just a few months, I’ve built the biggest pandemic this country has seen in a hundred years.”

“People are going to be talking about my pandemic for generations to come,” Trump said. “What did Biden ever have? Swine flu? What a joke.”

Trump said that Biden’s failure to have “any pandemic worth writing home about” makes him a “terrible choice” to be President.

“I’ve worked hard and built an amazing pandemic, but if Biden gets in, all that goes away,” he warned.

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