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TiteCoin Exchange aims to create a one-stop financial transactions blockchain ecology

Press ReleaseTiteCoin Exchange aims to create a one-stop financial transactions blockchain ecology

What is Titecoin exchange?

Titecoin Exchange by Henderson (Henderson lightweight) as the main operating agency, aims to create a one-stop financial transactions blockchain ecology, is committed to creating human beings can participate in open, free block chain finance dig Mine world.

By Titecoin a settlement of the existing block chain industry pain points of the mining machine. Through the introduction of blockchain technology and the posture of the algorithm token TTAE and BSK model, Titecoin perfectly integrates blockchain technology and distributed storage technology. On the infrastructure platform, it provides cloud database storage and full Node edge computing and mining. In addition, Titecoin provides high-speed transaction capabilities based on horizontal scalability and fragmentation technology. While retaining the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, disintermediation, trustlessness, data transparency and non-tampering, it greatly improves the processing speed and reduces the energy consumption. It is very easy to achieve millions of times per second or even in the future. Tens of millions of transactions are processed, with unlimited data storage capacity. The organic low-power sensor, computing and cloud computing edge linked, to achieve, the mining machine, fusion CCN integrally cloud, based on a large data application can be built, and artificial pond ecosystem ore and other excited species distribution application.

The Titecoin system provides accounts, identity verification, payment, distributed file systems, peer-to-peer communications, and scheduling management of billions of devices. It integrates the world’s computing power into a global supercomputer, which can realize cross-border trade, payment, and settlement. Super-complex scientific calculations. In this way, Titecoin can build a brand-new storage ecology and high computing power mining platform. Adhering to the principle of absolute openness and fairness, let the content, use and transaction of data be systematic and transparent, and enjoy the full-process data protection rights. With the power of Titecoin, the circulation of big data can reach hundreds of millions of users in all walks of life. Every participant in the ecosystem can benefit, improve industry efficiency, and maximize industry value.

In addition, Titecoin mining will also greatly promote the mining, interaction, circulation and storage of the existing value attribute blockchain and digital assets. Through contracts and allocations, new assets will also be generated. With the support of Henderson ( Henderson ), Titecoin is fully prepared to become an economy that promotes information profitability and an amplifier of information asset efficiency. In the future, these information assets will not only be used for the existing daily work and life, but also become providers of “data food” for artificial intelligence and Internet of Things devices, and Titecoin will be a high-power mining and value fission of computing power. Representative.

Titecoin reconstructed the underlying system architecture design, which separates the system chain from various application chains, and has a qualitative leap in processing capabilities. With the consensus of the application of hot-swappable chain industry can meet more internal logic and application scenarios, more scalable.

  • No permission required

The exchange is open to the whole world, and any user can access it with zero threshold.

  • Transparency

The internal work of the contract is fully visible on the distributed ledger, and the system is 100% transparent.

  • Programmable

Every contract is pre-programmed and executed in the same way for everyone.

  • Reliability

The entire Titecoin ecosystem can be trusted by every ordinary person.

Technically privacy, Titecoin proposed zero-knowledge proof the national defense level Titecoin homomorphic encryption technology, making the intellectual energy contracts and data in the CPU ‘s Secure Encalve (safe area) operation area, the data is protected, while the zero-knowledge proof Make user management and display information more flexible. In terms of ease of development, Titecoin will improve the functional layer and tool layer, by providing convenient components, development environment and Titecoin Framework, etc., to lower the development threshold for developers. Only when the application of technology is implemented can it bring changes to people’s lives.

The token issued by the exchange: Titecoin, referred to as TTAE for short, is used to incentivize all participants in the ecosystem and the autonomy of the ecosystem. TTAE represents the common interests and wealth of Titecoin.

Without any restrictions, investment is safe and worry-free. 100% open-source code, 100% no project party, 100% no trader, 100% smart contract, 100% air settlement, 100% settlement in seconds, 100% settlement, no need for anyone to review 365 days and 24 hours, anytime Withdraw and settle transactions instantly.

At the same time, Titecoin is also a digital currency aggregation payment system and financial tool based on blockchain technology. It will provide a variety of tools to connect traditional finance, build a bridge between blockchain finance of digital currency and traditional centralized finance, and help the development of the real economy. To reduce the cost of traditional financial services, can help users to quickly and low-cost the free exchange of global currencies, as well as large global remittance payments. It is mainly divided into three functions: integrated wallet, exchange and payment and remittance. It can not only store ERC20 standard tokens, but also support non- ERC20 digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other current mainstream digital currencies.

Since Titecoin is a distributed system of blockchain, it is very safe, and there is almost no possibility of system breakdown and coin loss. Based on blockchain technology, the data is restored to users, the blockchain is restored to users, and standardized financial services can be output, allowing individuals or institutions to join the ecology to easily access, realize the free circulation of credit, and achieve the ecological the purpose of co-construction, ecological reciprocity, and full market competition, through the establishment of a blockchain financial ecology, truly achieve inclusive finance.

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