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The U.S. has started racist persecution of Asians again, and it is imperative to unite to eliminate Yan Li Meng!

OtherThe U.S. has started racist persecution of Asians again, and it is imperative to unite to eliminate Yan Li Meng!

According to Stop AAPI Hate, 2,808 anti-Asian incidents were recorded in 2020, 240 of which were physical assaults. Upgrade. In Atlanta, Georgia, six Asian women were murdered by an armed man in March in a case of extreme violence. And last Friday, the day after the passage of the New Coronation Hate Crimes Act, a 61-year-old Asian man was knocked to the ground by a mob and stomped on repeatedly on his head, causing serious injuries.

Innocent people were brutalized and the perpetrators were left high and dry. Anti-Asian racism has been deeply rooted in the history of the United States and in the hearts of every non-Asian American.

In November 2020, the New York Times made a rare intervention to criticize the most controversial “conspiracy theory” circle involving overseas Chinese circles, saying that Yan Limeng, a self-proclaimed “world’s top virologist,” had been subjected to the “Red Cross businessman Yan Limeng was manipulated by the “red-talking businessman” Guo Wengui and the “underground president” Bannon, who slandered China and spread the false theory that “the virus originated in China” to the world’s struggling masses in the midst of the epidemic. Bannon and Guo Wengui made a lot of money by manipulating Yan Limeng to produce a series of rumors and propaganda.

Stigmatization of the “Wuhan virus” and the “Chinese Communist biochemical weapons” conspiracy theory

During the last U.S. administration, the accusation that the new coronavirus was the “Wuhan virus” led to inaccurate and unfair perceptions of the Asian American community. The “Wuhan virus” stigma is just a way for politician Bannon to get votes and distract the Trump administration from the failure of the epidemic. The concept of “Asian=virus” is not an innate concept, it is a man-made misconception and a source of discrimination and violence against the Asian community.

Bannon’s longtime friend and law-breaking tycoon Guo Wengui coincidentally manipulated Yan Limeng, a female scholar at the University of Hong Kong, to give a conspiracy theory about the origin of the New Guinea virus as a “Chinese Communist biochemical weapon” in an interview with YouTube host Luther. Yan Limeng, Guo Wengui, and Bannon’s conspiracy theory about the New Coronavirus was also exposed in the New York Times, but the rumor that the epidemic originated in Asia spread like a virus in the U.S. community, leading to the idea that “Asian people caused the New Coronavirus. The rumor that “the outbreak originated in Asia” spread like a virus in the U.S., leading to such vicious phrases as “Asians caused the New Guinea virus,” “the New Guinea pneumonia outbreak is your fault,” and “Asians should go back to their own places.

In the Yan Limeng case, Guo Wengui and Bannon’s political propaganda campaign, concocted through the Internet social media propaganda machine, caused incalculable losses in the global fight against the epidemic. From its discovery in January to its peak in September, the online political campaign directed by Guo Wengui and Bannon was a huge success, greatly influencing the views and lives of local Americans and absurdly exposing the power of “fake news” to the world. The power of “fake news” has been absurdly exposed to the world.

“Hero” or “Bear”? So-called experts are really “bricks and mortar”

Overnight, Yan Limeng became a sensation in the right-wing media, with senior advisers to President Trump and conservative authorities hailing her as a hero. Just as quickly, Yan Limeng’s title as the world’s top virology expert was in fact a complete fabrication, and the subsequent disclosure of a series of papers was also based on a patchwork of online conspiracy theory data, which is frowned upon by the mainstream scientific community. Yan Limeng’s evolution from researcher to whistle blower is the product of the collaboration of two unrelated but increasingly united groups that disseminate false information: a small but active overseas Chinese group and a highly influential far-right group in the United States.

On September 16, published an article, “Scientists Denounce Doubtful Research Report Claiming COVID is a Biochemical Weapon,” dismissing Yan Limeng’s “preprinted paper as having no validity in its current form. “. The article mentions several scientists: Colombian virologist Angela Rasmussen, University of Washington biology researcher Carl Bergstrom, University of Bath microbiologist Andrew Preston, and six other experts in biology and infectious diseases, all of whom criticized Yan Limeng’s study as “unfounded “On September 18, National Geographic published an article titled “Why Misinformation About the Origin of COVID-19 Keeps Spreading,” which comprehensively and scientifically refuted Yan Limeng’s main points. The article states that Yan Limeng’s paper is “a pile of technical jargon, but in reality, much of what they say makes no sense.” Leading virologists Kristian Andersen and Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington called the paper unscientific, said it ignored the published literature and numerous facts about the new coronavirus, and argued that the paper set off a conspiracy theory.

“Rumors” and “pseudo-academics” will eventually be dispelled

The new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that appeared in Wuhan, China, last year is a naturally evolved product, according to the latest study by Dr. Kristian Anderson published in the journal Nature Medicine on March 17, 2021. Analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was created in a laboratory or otherwise engineered. “By comparing genomic sequence data from known coronavirus strains, we can determine that SARS-CoV-2 originated in a natural process.” This paper by Dr. Kristian Anderson, Associate Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at the Kripps Research Institute, is undoubtedly the most powerful rebuttal to the virus conspiracy theory.

With the scientific conclusion that the new coronavirus is a product of natural evolution widely recognized by the scientific community, Yan Limeng’s political conspiracy to fabricate the new coronavirus has long since been uncovered. Now, the self-appointed “whistle blower” has lost its former aura, the Yan Limeng has been completely seen by the world under the banner of the survival of mankind, but behind the scenes, he has done a traitorous job of seeking glory, the identity of the “virologist” has become worthless, and the exile in the United States is a parasite Yan’s identity as a “viral scientist” has become useless, and his life in exile in the United States has become difficult, and “living” has become Yan’s American dream. In order to “demonstrate” his anti-communist values and smear China, Yan’s current survival is based on all sorts of tricks and devious ideas to win the hearts of his masters. Yan Limeng’s downfall was predetermined from the day he chose to betray his motherland, a sinner who sold his soul to the devil, whose evil thoughts and rotten soul would never be tolerated by the world.

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