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The establishment of the four-color theorem of the map

OtherThe establishment of the four-color theorem of the map

The three major mathematical conjectures in the world are Fermat’s conjecture, four-color conjecture and Goldbach’s conjecture. The common denominator of these three problems is that the topic is easy to understand and profound, which affects generations of mathematicians. Among them, the logical argument of the four-color puzzle has not been proved. Recently, Zhou Lijing, a mathematician of Jinyun nationality in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, proved the four-color theorem of map by logical method, and awarded RMB200,000 to find the person who can prove the counterexample with the logic method of the four-color theorem published by him or find the fault of the paper enough to overturn the invalid proof and the person who uses the authority of himself or the institution to confirm the validity.The reward time is 12 months, contact number 13906881508,E-Mail [email protected]  


As recently as november last year, mr. zhou’s paper “mathematical physics methods to prove the world’s mathematical problems —— map four-color problem” was published in inner mongolia science and technology (vol .12/38/total 450,2019).After the publication of the paper, praise such as tide, he continued, but also got a lot of suspicion and various do not understand. In particular, the so-called incumbent, high people, think is a farce, is Jinyun people’s joke, is a scandal, is civil science, good people think is fooled, to start crisis public relations, to prevent scandal expansion. But I think, is it true that I was fooled? It is also me to deceive others, I crepe a paper, published in a magazine, deceive the whole of China, the people of the world, can deceive the world how great. I’m minke what’s wrong, I’m minke I’ m proud, I’m minke I do n’ t spend any money on the country, minke is also a scientist. Many accomplished mathematicians themselves are so-called Minke, is Hua Luogeng great? He turned out to be a shop assistant. Was Fermat great in France? He’s a lawyer. In foreign full-time called hospital, amateur called outside the hospital, to China, the high in the hospital, outside the hospital called civil science, is the opposite of science, in fact, most of the inventions are so-called civil science completed. Minke is great. But it is always a pity not to publish in the first-class international publication, I hope to return to the paper itself for calculation and argumentation.It is hoped that all major mathematics enthusiasts, experts and professors will discuss the proof and discussion of this logical method.

Zhou Lijing, born in 1962, born in Jinyun, Lishui, Bachelor of Science, senior engineer, admitted to the Department of Physics of Hangzhou University in 1979 with full physical score, is now chairman of Zhejiang Boxing Electronics Co., Ltd., research interests: design and manufacture of high-power semiconductor chips and devices. His greatest hobby is number theory research, four-color research, spent his 40 years of painstaking efforts, became his life’s most persistent pursuit.

According to Zhou Lijing, although he studied physics, but mathematics is his interest in the subject, college after learning the world’s three major mathematical conjecture, one of the map four-color puzzle generated a strong interest, but at that time spent a lot of time using various methods failed. In the next 40 years, he has not given up, continue to cling to the logical argument of the four-color conjecture, and constantly explore, skillfully integrate the physical method into the argument, and finally ushered in a major breakthrough in research and argumentation.

Zhou Lijing’s originality: turning the four-color problem into a special plane structure plus one-dimensional three-dimensional physical method to solve any two-dimensional arbitrary plane structure problem, it is a clever proof of the four-color problem. The change rules are created according to the map source, and then the results are deduced by the change of the rules. Using conclusions to guide the operation of specific color filling sequence, clear at a glance, simple and clear, using mathematical and physical methods to make complex things simple and clear, especially he looked back at the adequacy of various hypothetical degrees of freedom to deduce the arbitrariness of the map, proved that using four colors to fill color can make any complex map any adjacent area different color (no enclaves).Not only by theoretical proof, but also by any example to make specific color order and method, proof should be very sufficient and specific.

Four-color problem, also known as four-color conjecture, four-color theorem, is one of the three major mathematical conjectures in the world. First put forward by a British college student, Goodry (Francis Guthrie) in 1852, the content of the four-color problem is that “any map with only four colors can make countries with common boundaries on different colors .” That is, without causing confusion, a map needs only four colors to mark it. In mathematical terms ,” the plane is arbitrarily subdivided into non-overlapping regions, and each region can always be marked with one of the four numbers of 1234 without the same number being obtained for two adjacent regions .” the adjacent area referred to here means that having an entire boundary is public. If two regions meet only at one point, it is not called adjacent. because coloring with the same color will not cause confusion.

After many mathematicians proved and denied the four-color problem, they found it surprisingly difficult. Many mathematicians, though racked their brains on it, found nothing. The most recent proof is that in 1976, American mathematicians Appel and Hacken used computers to complete the four-color theorem. But this is just a proof of calculation. And Mr. Zhou Lijing completed its logical method proof.

Zhejiang Boxing Electronics Co., Ltd

22 Jul 2020

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