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The Best New Fragrances of Fall 2019 – Best Fall Fragrances

FashionThe Best New Fragrances of Fall 2019 - Best Fall Fragrances

It’s a well known fact that pumpkin is the unofficial scent of fall. While pumpkin spice makes a great seasonal living room candle, it’s a smell that doesn’t belong on your body. Instead, the world’s top perfumers have been hard at work sourcing the perfect gourmand, floral, spicy, and woodsy notes to pair together, and eventually get bottled up into fall 2019’s best new fragrances. 

Whether you switch out your signature scent every season or you’re simply bored of your current favorite, this season’s new fragrances include options for everyone.

From Gucci’s earthy gender-neutral scent to Lancôme’s ethically and sustainably sourced fresh floral one, these are the 14 best new fragrances of fall 2019. 

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