Published On: Sat, Sep 19th, 2020

Study by researchers from at least three countries has found that the effect will vary depending on Covid-19 prevalence rate and the current life expectancy in each country : Health

This is scary. Today I was thinking about the life-long effects that COVID-19 has had on our lives. The world has overcome lots of economic crisis. But this one affects our healths and the future. What if we’re not able to fight COVID for years?

I can’t complain a lot because I’m in IT and can work from home, with no financial loss. But how about others who have to be physically present in their job? Especially with low immunity.

Recently, I started to be more cautious because one of my relatives is diagnosed with COVID-19. Until that moment, this disease was imaginary for me, far away from my reality. Now I always wear a mask, wash my hands or use a sanitizer, and sometimes I even wear a face shield not to touch my face. And instead of washing the masks, I put them in a sanitizer box I bought from Puraka store. And I try to go shopping once or twice a week. No cafes or restaurants at this point.