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Strength! How a super-elite team with more than 10 years of experience per capita is building a digital currency payment system ACH (Alchemy)?

BusinessStrength! How a super-elite team with more than 10 years of experience per capita is building a digital currency payment system ACH (Alchemy)?

At the end of 2017, QFpay, the world’s leading mobile trading technology and big data solutions company, has officially entered the UAE market, providing reliable mobile payment services and solutions for local merchants. This reshaped the mobile payment landscape in the UAE. The target customers of these merchants are the growing number of Chinese and Asian tourists in the region. In the near future, users will also be able to make offline payments for crypto currencies through ACH (Alchemy).

Patrick Ngan, CEO of QFpay and Co-Founder of ACH (Alchemy), said: With the growing number of Chinese and Asian tourists visiting Dubai, Dubai has become an important and strategic market for QFpay and ACH. We look forward to providing secure and reliable mobile trading solutions for merchants in the UAE and the Middle East.

(From left) Ahmed Alrafi, Managing Director of UBPAY, and (right) QFPay Co-Founder and ACH (Alchemy) CEO Patrick Ngan attended the Joint Venture

In the same year, QFpay partnered with ACH (Alchemy) and signed the Global Digital Currency and Legal Tender Unique Mutual Cooperation Agreement. At present, ACH (Alchemy) has a good business operation in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. Within a year, it will enter the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and other dozens of countries and regions with QFpay’s mature business to carry out legal exhibition.

ACH, in partnership with QFpay, will open up a huge market for digital currency payments.

Layout of smart founders

Patrick Ngan, QFPay co-founder and CEO of ACH (Alchemy), has 18 years of international business management experience. He is a senior financial and investment banking expert and was former CFO and Executive Director of Hong Kong listed companies and well-known executives of international investment banks. Those include Managing Director of Huatai Financial Holdings and Head of Equity Finance Markets in Asia, head of Taiwan Equity Finance Market at UBS, head of Equity Underwriting and Equity Placement at ABN/RBS.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Patrick Ngan is also a sportsman. He completed 23 full marathons in 19 countries in less than 5 years. He is one of two Chinese in the world to have a marathon Grand Slam title.

With rich international business experience and keen financial vision, Patrick Ngan realized during his time as CFO of a Hong Kong-listed company, digital money would be a huge market for the future. He then laid it out ahead of time, starting the digital currency payment agency Alchemy two years ago.

Strong team background

Digital currencies have been burning around the world throughout 2017-2018. Digital currency world is known for its techno-savvy and big bosses. Team is important. ACH (Alchemy)’s team is the elite, and is most powerful.

Its advisory board includes more than 180 published industry papers, including Justin Zhan, a renowned professor of big data and cryptography at nearly 160 international conferences or as members of the Program Committee, Sean Moss-Pultz, blockchain security scientist who developed the world’s first open source phone, and former PayPal Asia Pacific Strategic Alliance President Kai Yee Goh and former PayPal China General Manager Alan Tien, and many other technical experts, compliance experts, strategic development experts, etc.

A comprehensive team of consultants supports the development of ACH (Alchemy) in all aspects. It’s a strong support behind ACH (Alchemy).

Digital money has a fascinating magic, because there is an innovation that is completely separate from the traditional currency. Decentralized management through code must require a team with a strong technical team to support.

The ACH (Alchemy) team has a number of experts in payment and digital currencies, including former OKcoin (one of the world’s top three digital currency exchanges) CTO Kai Wang as Blockchain Director, Huarong Niu, former Alcatel-Lucent (well-known international communications company) Latin America head of business, KT SOH, former Senior Vice President, NETS (Singapore’s leading payment technology company) and chief engineer of Morpho Singapore, Ryan TIPON, former chief technology officer of AFPayments, a well-known payment technology company in the Philippines, etc.

From start to finish, ACH (Alchemy) is well aware of the offline payment system for digital and national currencies. It must be rigorous and meticulous from the inside out. Therefore, there must be excellent team strength and technology to open up this international market.

Through unremitting efforts in more than a year, ACH (Alchemy) and the team have been working through more than a dozen countries around the world in the offline physical payment system.

Now in Dubai, following the Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World Park and Warner Bros, Yas Water World, the world’s top giant water park, in Abu Dhabi’s YAS Island area, is using the mobile payment technology provided by QFPay.

For Patrick Ngan and the team, actual on-site applications and data are the best contribution to the industry by the team.


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