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Snap made a $230 selfie drone called Pixy

TechnologySnap made a $230 selfie drone called Pixy

After years of rumors, has officially revealed its first selfie drone. The pocket-sized device, which is called , doesn’t require a lengthy setup. It doesn’t even come with a controller.

Instead, you’ll be able to choose one of four preset flight paths with the touch of a button. The drone can float, orbit or follow you. Once you’re done, Pixy can land in your hand. It has a settings dial in the middle, with four rotors aligned with the body inside of protective casings.

Snaps captured by Pixy can be wirelessly transferred to Snapchat Memories after flights. You’ll be able to apply effects such as speed ramps, jump cuts and 3D bounce. You can, of course, add lenses and sounds before sharing your creations on Snapchat or elsewhere.

Snap's Pixy selfie drone


Pixy could be a useful addition to Snapchat creators’ toolkits, following in the footsteps of . It that Snap was considering building its own drone, so Pixy has been a long time coming. In March 2021, it was reported that Snap invested in a company called (which it previously ) and that the two sides were .

Folks in the US and France can buy Pixy now. . Snap says the drone will be available while supplies last.

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