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SML: Create value, win step by step

Press ReleaseSML: Create value, win step by step

In the technology-oriented economic society, the mutual competition of technology in convenience, rapidness, security and agility causes the unprecedented acceleration of advanced technology. Blockchain has been positioned as mainstream edge since Cypherpunk. But with the advance of technology, blockchain causes all industries are experiencing revolutionary changes.

“Air vent” isn’t new word, so does the SML.

What is SML?

SMILE protocol is managed by the holders of governance-type token SML around the world. Based on the blockchain technology and decentralized core thought, SML holders can manage the SMILE protocol and INT’s financial risk through the science-based management system composed of execution vote and governance vote, thus ensuring the stability, transparency and efficiency of such protocol. Every SML token locked in voting protocol is equal to every vote.

SML AirDrop

SML AirDrop activity will start on June 1. During activity period, the registering users and registered users can take part in this activity only by clicking [receive AirDrop] after login. The users participating in activity can obtain one SML for free, one extra SML is increased for visiting one friend, and 10 SMLs can be obtained at most for visiting friends. Currently, the AirDrop and crowdfunding have completed distribution. The SML held by users can be used for transaction, exchange or purchase of ore machine nodes, etc.

SML crowdfunding

The total crowdfunding amount of SML reaches 30 million, and the crowdfunding quantity reaches 300, with one crowdfunding every 23 hours and 0.1 million every crowdfunding. Crowdfunding price is not fixed and will be automatically calculated as per the quantity. Crowdfunding activity will start on June 7, and the specific period is from June 7, 2021 to April 2, 2022 (UTC+8). At the end of the crowdfunding at this stage, the obtained SML will be automatically issued to users’ SML wallets and can be used for transaction, exchange and ore machine purchase. The minimum quota of this crowdfunding activity shall no less than 100 USDT, otherwise, the activity can’t be held. At the end of the crowdfunding and purchase of all ore machine nodes, SML will launch decentralized stock exchange and successively launch many centralized stock exchanges.

The crowdfunding price will comply with the following formula: Crowdfunding price is equal to the quantity of USDT invested in this cycle /0.1 million. How to explain this formula?

Firstly, the current crowdfunding price as you see isn’t the final price which is the price at the end of the crowdfunding cycle. More USDT is invested in crowdfunding, the higher price is the crowdfunding SML, and vice versa.

Theoretically, if only one person invests 100 USDTs in this cycle, he can exchange 0.1 million SML with 100 USDT.

Giving a simple example:

If the SML at Level II market prices 1 USDT and only one person participates in crowfunding and only invests 100 USDTs, he will obtain 0.1 million SMLs at the price of 100÷0.1 million =0.001 USDT, and his income is (0.1 million x1 USDT)- 100 USDT=99,900 USDT.



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