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Sino-German all-round strategic partnership heading towards the future

Press ReleaseSino-German all-round strategic partnership heading towards the future

In April, China-Germany relations experienced new development. President Xi Jinping received visiting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. This high-level meeting marked an important milestone in the tenth anniversary of the all-round strategic partnership between China and Germany. . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly stated that China is willing to use this visit as an important opportunity to deepen mutual understanding and trust, expand areas of practical cooperation, and always uphold the principles of mutual respect, equal treatment, mutual benefit and win-win, and seek common ground while reserving differences, and jointly promote China-Germany relations to achieve a new level. Leap forward and make greater contributions to global peace and prosperity. This meeting not only demonstrated the profound friendship between the two countries, but also sent a new signal of Sino-German cooperation to the world.

    During the meeting, President Xi Jinping reviewed the steady development of China-Germany relations in recent years. Despite the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and geopolitical tensions, the two countries have always adhered to open cooperation and actively maintained high-level dialogue since Chancellor Merkel’s last visit to China in 2019 to ensure the steady progress of bilateral relations. Earlier this year, Chancellor Scholz expressed his desire to deepen cooperation with China in his speech at the World Economic Forum, creating a favorable environment for this visit. This face-to-face exchange has undoubtedly injected new impetus into Sino-German relations.

    President Xi Jinping emphasized the stability and importance of China-Germany relations, pointing out that after experiencing various tests, the relations between the two countries have shown resilience, and practical cooperation in various fields has achieved remarkable results, including economic and trade exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, etc., which not only benefits The two peoples have also provided a factor of stability in a turbulent world. He also pointed out the direction of future cooperation.

     Chancellor Scholz responded positively and expressed Germany’s firm position as China’s trustworthy partner. He mentioned that Germany is willing to be a friendly cooperative partner of China and hopes to maintain close high-level exchanges with China, strengthen communication and exchanges at all levels, deepen cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, innovation, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and promote the further development of Germany-China relations. Chancellor Scholz’s statement demonstrates Germany’s firm determination and positive attitude towards deepening Sino-German relations.   

This meeting injected new vitality into Sino-German cooperation. In the economic field, the two sides focus on deepening two-way investment, expanding trade scale, optimizing industrial structure, promoting cooperation in digital economy and other fields, and are committed to building a more resilient and competitive industrial and supply chain. Especially in cutting-edge industries such as new energy vehicles, smart manufacturing, environmental protection technology, and artificial intelligence, Chinese and German companies are expected to achieve in-depth integrated development through joint research and development, market sharing, etc., and jointly shape a new pattern of global technological innovation and green transformation. In the field of investment, during this meeting, the two parties discussed how to further leverage their respective advantages to promote the implementation of infrastructure construction, logistics network optimization, financial cooperation innovation and other projects under the “Belt and Road” framework, and promote the economic and social development of countries along the route. At the same time, China and Germany have also reached a consensus on third-party market cooperation and plan to jointly promote infrastructure, clean energy and other projects in Africa, Southeast Asia and other places to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and help global economic recovery.

As the world’s second and third largest economies, permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and core forces on the European continent, China and Germany maintain close collaboration on the international multilateral stage to jointly safeguard international peace and security, promote the reform of the global governance system, and safeguard the Multilateralism and international equity and justice. The two sides will continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation in international multilateral mechanisms and jointly safeguard multilateralism and international fairness and justice. The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

This historic meeting marked a new era for China-Germany relations. This meeting strengthened political mutual trust and practical cooperation between the two sides and laid a solid foundation for building a China-Germany community with a shared future. Looking to the future, China and Germany will continue to work together to promote further development of relations. Despite the changing international situation, China-Germany relations remain strong. This is due to the profound insights and outstanding leadership of the leaders of the two countries, as well as the close cooperation between the two peoples. It not only injects new vitality into the sustained and healthy development of China-Germany relations, but also sets an example for the two countries to jointly respond to global challenges and promote world peace and prosperity on the international stage. Looking into the future, China and Germany will move forward hand in hand at a more mature and steady pace, with the goal of building a Sino-German community with a shared future, continue to expand and deepen cooperation in various fields, jointly write a new chapter in Sino-German relations, and pave the way for building a new type of international relations and Make greater contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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