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Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park Open A New Chapter of the Rural Vitalization During International Cooperation

FinanceSino-French Agricultural Technology Park Open A New Chapter of the Rural Vitalization During International Cooperation

On November 16, 2019, the “Opening Ceremony of Sino-French Agricultural   TechnologyPark • One Park & One Area” was held in the Sino-French Agricultural Park in Meishan District, Tianfu New Area. Under the witness of all participants, the Fleur Town in Left Bank Garden was opened and the pilot zone of international agricultural Technology was launched.

Habib(vice president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of France), Huang Jiandong (deputy secretary of Meishan Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of Meishan Party Working Committee of Tianfu New Area), Kong Xiangjie (deputy general manager of OCT West Investment Co., Ltd.), Waymel (president of OBEO Group in Paris), Wang Shijie (president of OBEO Group in China) , the delegation of the National Assembly of France, the head of relevant departments of Meishan City, the head of Tianfu New Area of Meishan City, OCT Group and related corporate guests attended the event together.

As a vivid embodiment of “promoting production through agriculture and integrating culture and tourism” of Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park, Left bank garden is built on the demonstration area of Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park, covering an area of about 200 mu. It has many online popular attractions, such as commercial street of Fleur town, the children’s Park of A’fei forest, vineyard, star theater, shadowless church and Monet garden.  

Among them, there are 11 s French style buildings in Fleur Town, which present the authentic style of French commercial street based on the style of small towns in Alsace, France. There are restaurant CHAMP, Fleur pastry and La cave à vin wine shop in the street.

Fleur Town will show the French style and life vision with the commercial format and space atmosphere, thus providing samples for the upcoming phase II project of 30,000 square meters.

Launch the pilot area of international agricultural Technology Create a sample of Sino-French agricultural Technology cooperation  

The pilot area of international agricultural technology is an important engine for the Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park to realize the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries with agricultural technology as a guide.

The pilot area of international agricultural technology takes the front-end scientific research — pilot-scale transformation — comprehensive service output as the development path, grape introduction test and new field crop planting as leading industries on the basis of school-enterprise cooperation. At the same time, it introduces intelligent production technology and innovative production and marketing mode of vegetables and flowers, construct “Molecular Breeding Industry Base”, “Grape Introduction and Wine Testing Base”, “Organic Vegetable Smart Factory”, “Aromatic Healing Industry Base”, and “Sino-French Agricultural Technology Innovation Center” and “Sino-French Farmers College”, so as to create a sample of Sino-French agricultural cooperation and lead regional industrial upgrading. 

This time, more than 1000 mu of pilot area of international agricultural technology was fully started. It will take the responsibility of first trial for the expansion of Meishan agricultural varieties, technological innovation, talent incubation and industrial integration development, thus leading the way to build 3000 mu of agricultural science demonstration area. 

Adhere to the symbiosis with the earth and build three models 

The Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park is jointly established by the OCT Group (top four global theme park groups) and OBEO, with a total investment of about RMB 30 billion.

As early as 2015, the Sino-French Agricultural Technology Park was included in the key cooperation projects of the two countries in “2015 Climate Conference in Paris”. In 2018 and 2019, it was included in 100 key construction projects in Sichuan Province for two consecutive years. On July 6, 2018, the project began to construct. In December of the same year, the project won Sino-French Local Government Cooperation Innovation Award in the 6th Sino-French Local Government Cooperation Forum.

With the opening of “One Park&One Area”, infrastructure construction will be carried out in this project. In the future, the project forms a town integration spatial structure of “one belt, one core and seven parks (districts)”, including Jinjiang ecological landscape belt, characteristic town of core area, pilot area of international agricultural technology.

Under the guidance of International Cooperation Initiative “B&R” and the strategy of “rural vitalization” and “new urbanization”, OCT will cooperate with OBEO to explore the integration and development of Sino-French culture, industries and life services based on the concept of symbiosis with the earth, so as to build the Sino-French Agricultural  Technology Park into an international city of ecological landscape and by the side of the ecological garden, striving to become a model of rural vitalization, a model of Sino-French regional friendly cooperation and a model of Sino-French cultural exchange.  

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