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‘Seinfeld’ might not be available to stream for months

Technology'Seinfeld' might not be available to stream for months

It’s bad enough when a favorite TV show jumps to another service, but Seinfeld fans might have to forego the show entirely for a while. Vulture sources claim the legendary show about nothing won’t reach Netflix until September “at the earliest.” Given that the show leaves Hulu on June 23rd, you might have to go months without tales of parking garages and puffy shirts — at least, not without buying episodes.

It’s unclear just why there would be a gap when shows like The Office have made relatively seamless transitions. Netflix even extended access to Friends to make sure there wasn’t as much of a gap when the series left for HBO Max in 2020.

We’ve asked Netflix for comment.

Vulture speculated that this might be a deliberate pause to build hype for Seinfeld‘s return or launch alongside a comedy special. However, it could also be a simple matter of contract terms. Sony Pictures Television’s deal might prevent Netflix from streaming the show as soon as it might like. This is an important show that could easily draw viewers without much fanfare, and it would be odd to sit on that much potential subscriber revenue for three months or more.

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