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Safe in Hand, IPFS in Harbor, Be the blazer of web 3.0 | IPFS Harbor 2nd anniversary celebration was successfully concluded

Press ReleaseSafe in Hand, IPFS in Harbor, Be the blazer of web 3.0 | IPFS Harbor 2nd anniversary celebration was successfully concluded

On 28th August, IPFS Harbor, a global leading decentralized storage solution provider welcomes two-year anniversary of their IPFS storage service. The fast growing of IPFS service must thanks to 13,500 clients trust and hundreds Harbor staff support.

PFS Harbor was officially established and settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone, which enjoys the reputation of “Nation of Abundance” on 28th August 2019. We aim to be the founder and blazer of web3.0.

At the beginning of the company establishment, IPFS Harbor has fast-moving to build the Harbor data storage center, hire the professional tech and operation talents and upgrade our product. Keep up the pace with Filecoin Mainnet, make a great achievements about the ecosystem infrastructure on the test stage, At the same time, over thousands users part look with us and feedback it was a valued experience.

IPFS Harbor has ranked in the top of power table of node and power growth when mainnet launched.

Our business is covering Russia, Turkey, Japan, England, France, Netherland, USA and South Korea etc after 2 years development. A lot our client gave us a highly recognized for our security and service.

Today is 28th August, 2021, IPFS Harbor is proud to celebrate 2nd anniversary with all satisfaction by users. We welcome all partners, users and employees share the happiness with us.

1、Be the blazer of web3.0 with due diligence

All current technical ideas point directly to Web3.0, such as blockchain, big data, AI and VR/AR. There is a lot imagination of Internet in public, like autonomous driving replaces human driving, traveling the word only need a VR glasses. Based on all the thoughts, data transport and storage will be the important basement to achieve it.

Web 3.0 infrastructure establishment is always be the first goal of IPFS Harbor since we strongly believed that all the Internet imagination must have stable basement of technology such as the fly tower must has Solid foundation.

During the 2nd anniversary, Yingqu, Wan, the Chairman of IPFS Harbor has mentioned the current storage challenges like high cost, low efficiency and private problem. Web 3.0 era will produce 100x and more huge date to support the Internet need.

Thus, there are three urgent points to solved:

  • The lower cost of storage will be the initial part of business development.
  • The transmission efficiency: feedback data timely and deal with the incident of data faster.
  • Personal privacy: theft of user data becomes the normal issue now but current data storage environment is unable to handle these situations.

Above that, distribute storage will be the future of Internet.

2、Provide best service to Harbor client with due diligence attitude

Thanks to Harbor Clients trust and faced the market change with us. It has become to IPFS Harbors’ invisible asset.

Mr. Wan has mentioned that the great business must be the benefits to people, to self, to public. We have achieved the stable reward to our clients more than 400,000 FIL and the withdraw from clients more that 230,000 FIL. Based on the current FIL price, the total revenues have more than $15,000,000.

IPFS Harbor has achieved lot achievements because of technology upgrading, public support and generation of web3.0. ardHahttgcdfcffff

At the same time, the current policy is concerned, policy supervision has begun to intervene, and relevant laws and regulations have been continuously improved, which is a long-term benefit for the IPFS ecosystem. Technology companies such as IPFS Harbor have created a fair and just environment.

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