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RYCoin creates the world’s top digital asset trading system and token incentive ecosystem

Press ReleaseRYCoin creates the world’s top digital asset trading system and token incentive ecosystem

RYCoin Exchange through the innovative underlying protocol, the construction of exchanges in the exchange, with the global chain, UnionPay-like model, to achieve cross-exchange transactions, will obtain a larger user base, higher income and more anti-risk ability, but also let the global enterprise chain reform usher in a new dawn.

RYCoin will realize the mutual promotion and transformation of ecological values. To provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation value-added services, at the same time, the platform aggregates global high-quality blockchain asset transactions, integrates the world’s top blockchain technology, and makes global digital assets circulate efficiently.

       RYCoin has successfully created a one-stop transaction service for digital assets, which can provide users with trading services including fiat trading, coin trading, contract trading, options trading, liquidity mining, UP wealth management, IEO subscription, etc., covering multiple platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows, and supporting full-service functions.

In view of the extensiveness and liquidity of the blockchain industry, RYCoin’s technical team issues digital assets based on the blockchain to make it safe and easier to transfer transactions, thereby solving the current liquidity problems prevalent in the block industry and related services and products in various countries.   With the clarity of future regulation, RYCoin strives to become a global leader in asset digitization in the digital currency trading platform industry.

Investors who are interested in digital assets can trade on the blockchain and distribute the income and related products and services in the corresponding proportion, and if the corresponding operated projects develop well during the period and have dividends, then according to the proportional income distribution and related products and services, the dividends will be distributed to the owners of the digital assets in accordance with the proportion.

On the RYCoin platform, it has the characteristics of its projects, as well as the use and value basis of the RYCoin token. Due to the diversity of virtual products, digital currencies have rich commercial applications, such as the following:

• Buying and selling digital currencies, exchanging fiat currencies, and trading between different digital currencies.

• Offline transactions, RYCoin Coins can be used as a payment tool to subscribe to offline products.

• RYCoin Coin is an equity token issued by the platform with the right to dividends.

1) Platform services and RYCoin coin value

With the explosion of the global block concept, all of the world’s top seven Internet companies have developed their own blockchain technology. There is an urgent need for a safer and faster trading platform. RYCoin’s services are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and fast trading channel for digital asset investment enthusiasts, strictly reviewing the identity of traders, ensuring the safety of members’ funds, rejecting non-real-name and illegal capital inflows, so that investors can trade with confidence.

2) The appreciation potential of secondary market circulation

The blockchain industry and digital currency have great vitality, and with the dividend income brought by the operation of products and services, the acquisition and destruction of the platform will become a high-quality target of capital competition in the secondary market, and the appreciation space is huge.

3) Project dividends

Platform equity tokens have infinite market vitality and can bring huge cash flow, a portion of the proceeds will be used for the operation of the project, and the acquisition of the market RYCoin and marketing ruin until the market reaches deflation. In addition, RYCoin will do exclusive activities for token holders from time to time, such as airdropping new coins traded on the platform.

In order to drive RYCoin’s safe, efficient and low-cost circulation transactions and integration with entities, RYCoin Exchange has created three major service modules: digital economy Tokenization module, currency  trading and fiat trading module, and DeFi commercial banking.

1) Digital economy tokenization module

Digital tokens encourage the use of various proofs of rights and interests, valuable asset rights and interests, etc., to be represented by a token, placed on the blockchain to circulate transactions, and let the market price all in the transaction process. With RYCoin, transactions can be completed simply, quickly and at low cost. For example, tickets, points, contracts, certificates, point cards, securities, permissions, qualifications, etc. are tokenized in the digital economy, put on the blockchain for circulation, put on the market for trading, so that the market automatically discovers its price, and at the same time can be consumed and verified in real economic life.

2) Coin trading and fiat trading module

RYCoin is a completely decentralized token, all transaction records are recorded on the chain, and the data is open, transparent and traceable, and cannot be tampered with. To this end, the RYCoin exchange provides an efficient and secure entrance to coin trading, fiat trading and C2C services. When a user purchases RYCoin or any other currency on the platform, the platform will automatically match the exchange with the lowest current price of the purchase currency to buy. At the time of selling, the platform matches the highest priced exchange in the world to sell.

In terms of transaction matching services, RYCoin exchange adopts distributed load and storage architecture to avoid service stoppage caused by server failures; it can support hundreds of thousands of matching requests per second; the service supports horizontal expansion, which can be rapidly expanded with business growth; service calls use https protocol, and add mechanisms such as authentication and tampering to improve security.

3) DeFi Commercial Bank

In the future, the RYCoin exchange will gradually upgrade to a 2.0 decentralized DEFI aggregation financial chain, build a commercial bank in the DEFI field, use the RYCoin token as a link, link DEFI lending, swap, cloud mining, etc., with the help of DeFi to carry global financial services, and promote the connection between the blockchain and the traditional financial world.

The core value of the blockchain is from not doing evil to not being able to do evil, therefore,RYCoin ecological application in the basic function setting to achieve “can not do evil”, while solving the pain points and drawbacks of traditional exchanges, RYCoin establishes a collective witness, immutable trusted value exchange network. With this as the core, we will build a commercial value circulation ecology that supports multiple industries, and create basic functional facilities including independent wallets, digital asset transaction circulation systems, and global business ecosystems.

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