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Ryan Seacrest Initially Denied Entry to Jennifer Lopez’s 50th Birthday Party

FashionRyan Seacrest Initially Denied Entry to Jennifer Lopez's 50th Birthday Party

Who among us hasn’t waited in line for Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday party only to be denied entry by her security guard?

Joining our ranks is Ryan Seacrest, prolific television and radio host and apparent close personal friend of J. Lo. The 44-year-old told his heartbreaking yet extremely relatable story on his show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, on Thursday morning, the day after Lopez’s party-end-all-parties.

“She sent me an invitation and I was like, ‘Wow, I got a direct invitation,'” he said on air, according to People. “But the catch was, it was in Miami. So I committed, but I didn’t read the small print,” he continued. Because his show films early in the morning on weekdays in New York, you can see how this created a bit of a pickle for the host. But if there’s anything we know about fame (which is not much, admittedly), it’s that when J. Lo calls, you drop everything and fly to Miami

“I’ve known her for a long time. I’m going, I’m getting down there; I’m getting back in time and I’m gonna be there because I got the personal invite,” he explained. 

Seacrest arrived in Miami without a hitch, but there was one final obstacle standing between him and Jennifer Lopez: Security. “I get to the front [of the line] … proud, beaming, smiling,” he said. “And [the guy] has a list and I see there are a bunch of Ryans … and he says, ‘Well, you’re not on the list.’” Excuse moi!?

“This is a true story,” Seacrest added. “So I say, ‘Clearly, there must be a mistake … she invited me personally. Can I see the list?’ Well, sure enough, there’s Ryan T. and Ryan Z., there’s no Ryan Seacrest.”

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Don’t fret, this story does have a happy ending. After being told to “wait under a fan” while the security guard made a quick phone call, things got squared away and Ryan was finally allowed into the party. 

However, given his time constraint, Seacrest was only able to celebrate with J. Lo, Alex Rodriguez, and the A-List couple’s other A-List friends for the dinner portion of the evening, which means he missed this: 

Can’t win ’em all, Ryan. 

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