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Ronald Aai and Cloud 2.0- Bringing the Future To Your Fingertips

OtherRonald Aai and Cloud 2.0- Bringing the Future To Your Fingertips

When you see this title, you may be curious, who is Ronald Aai? What is Cloud 2.0? The answer lies below.

A brief introduction of Ronald Aai

Ronald Aai has been a successful entrepreneur for twenty-five years. In his early career, he successfully built several online businesses and developed new technologies for social media, payments, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecommunications systems, games and blockchain technologies, as well as creating patents.

Ronald Aai was born in Malaysia in 1977 and is Chinese. As a 5-year-old he started his programming career under the care of his father. When he was only 15 years old, when PC computers were just gaining popularity, he was invited to write the first version of antivirus software for DOS. When he was 19, in 6 months he developed an online social networking system that reached 350,000 members in a short time. This system was subsequently sold to a well-known Malaysian company.

Ronald Aai’s career continued on. He was hired by a technical agency cooperating with the Malaysian Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) to develop an enterprise resource planning system (ERP -Enterprise Resource Planning) based on UNSPSC (The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code). At the same time, he managed a team of several dozen people to develop Material Requirements Planning (MRP) at Perodua in Malaysia, which is a car manufacturer.

At the beginning of the 21st century, knowledge of mobile devices led Ronald Aai to Argentina and South Korea and to the best software engineers at Samsung, Sewon and LG, where he was able to become familiar with internal research when the smartphone was not on the market yet. A few years later he worked with Danish engineers on the development of chipsets for Skyworks, Sagem and Wavecom. In 2003, he was Director of Technology responsible for software and hardware design for a large mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, and introduced more than 20 templates in one year for such cell phone manufacturers as Sony and Motorola.

In 2004, he founded his own company producing smartphones and software: Maxitech. Maxitech has won dozens of awards in the United States and Asia for outstanding achievements in the field of technology. Finally, the company has attracted over 50 million users on the virtual gaming console platform, which was finally acquired by Corous360 Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

In 2017 in Singapore, Ronald Aai and his team created a company focused on mobile technology and created the Blockchain 4.0 technology.

Ronald Aai is now fully engaged in the Cloud 2.0 platform, focusing on bringing this breakthrough platform to the forefront of the technological and economic world.

CloudRedeem- Purchasing Power Right From Your Cloud 2.0 App

Nowadays,digital assets have evolved from niche tech toys into valuable tokens with a wide range of applications. To maximize the optimization of users’ way of life, Ronald Aai has brought a new and versatile function into the Cloud 2.0 project: CloudRedeem. This platform couples digital assets and lifestyle management by allowing users to spend their earnings in the Cloud 2.0 app with ease at participating businesses, right from their mobile phones.

Firstly, CloudRedeem has integrated with Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform – Grab. This integrated service-providing company now operates in up to 8 countries: Thailand, Singapore,Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Users can spend digital assets and redeem rewards at over 600,000 locations across Southeast Asia! With Grab as an undeniably important mode of transportation, especially for frequent travelers of the region, the use of CloudRedeem empowers users to make full use of their available digital assets while earning rewards for purchases they are already making in various countries.

Aside from Grab CloudRedeem, Cloud 2.0 members can now also spend their earnings directly from their mobile at a large variety of different stores and service outlets. From dropping by to pick up a snack at Dunkin’ Donuts or an ice cream at Haagen-Dazs, paying for lunch or dinner at selected restaurants, or shopping for selected goods at a range of stores, CloudRedeem makes life easy for Cloud 2.0 members. CloudRedeem opens up a wide-ranging selection of services, including rides, food delivery, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, cashless payments and vehicle rentals, as well as many other services and shopping at local participating vendors and businesses.

CloudRedeem is also utilized as an aggregator of merchants, connecting users to diversified services and providing opportunities to spend digital assets in return for the deals and packages. The application of CloudRedeem benefits both the merchants and the consumers. By enabling merchants to measurably facilitate promotions and secure real-time transactions, it encourages consumers to spend on products and service deals. This would not only contribute to the merchants’ business performance as they tap into the ASEAN-wide user base of Cloud 2.0 but also provide users with greater benefits and convenience to their preferable deals. When users initiate an order to execute redemption with CTOs, redeemed vouchers will be reflected within the app almost instantly.

CloudRedeem empowers the crypto revolution and seeks to grow to mainstream levels of global adoption by expanding the network of business partners in the near future. It pushes the borders of traditional payment systems by providing users with access to everyday services through seamless digital asset transactions.

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