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REVA NFT:The Development Trend of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD’s Wholly-Owned Acquisition of REVA

Press ReleaseREVA NFT:The Development Trend of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD’s Wholly-Owned Acquisition of REVA

Joining NFT blue ocean is the most enthusiastic direction of capital at present. Carefully examine the emergence and development of NFT, combined with the traditional concept of digital upgrading, and explore the profound meaning of financial circulation in Metaverse. NFT is not only the product of times’ technology, but also a new track for art creators. Its emergence subverts the traditional collection form, innovates the value system of art circles, and encourages creators to produce more high-quality content.

Collections in physical form can no longer meet the needs of people in the new era of rapid development. Through blockchain technology, works of art generate NFT, with unique digital credentials, and works are more displayed and collected in new styles. However, the younger generation of artists still have a certain distress. After the art in their hands is transformed into NFT, the attention and exposure are indeed increasing with the injection of fresh concepts. However, the wide channels of NFT make the liquidity and current value of the immediate realization method begin to show shortcomings. Often, the verification consideration of time has subjective value and effective significance for the collection.

REVA NFT:The Development Trend of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD’s Wholly-Owned Acquisition of REVA

In other words, NFT content output requires not only attention and exposure, but also the verification of liquidity. The value of NFT projects needs to be affirmed, and the platform also needs to provide solutions and financial services for NFT holders who plan to realize. Therefore, the emergence of REVA solves these problems well.

NFT pledge business of REVA optimizes the liquidity. The professional art evaluation team gives the best pledge amount range and provides loan business. After NFT custody, the project is publicized and crowdfunding is started. The refined operation concept and complete and perfect service process make REVA unique in the field of NFT, become the attention institution of many creators in the NFT market, and become the brand friend of cooperation in the art circle.

It is not only the first to put forward the concept of NFT pledge, in the overall strategic layout of REVA, pledge has the same priority as auction business, and is associated with upstream and downstream forms, forming a complete ecosystem and transaction chain of REVA.

NFT auction makes NFT more valuable. Because of this, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD was continuously recommended to pay attention to REVA at the beginning of choosing to join NFT. After knowing NFT auction business of REVA, it immediately launched the project analysis and investment plan for REVA.

At first, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, which originally only focused on the trend of NFT’s blue ocean, was essentially focused on the broad and highly extensible field of NFT. Finally, it wholly acquired REVA, not only because of the commonality and interoperability of the auction business, but also aimed at the blue ocean market of NFT and the market potential of REVA.

UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, which has always focused on traditional auction business, has made a crisp and quick decision to wholly acquire REVA. It is not only for its own auction business upgrading, expanding the possibility of auction, and connecting with extended auction and various fields. For traditional auction business, NFT is a new product of the times, an emerging vitality, but also another benefit possibility. The rapid acquisition of REVA by UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD has implanted auction experience in the same period, integrating with a more professional auction business. NFT pledge and auction is a kind of vertical subdivision operation of NFT, with refined operation, convenient browsing of NFT projects, and the integration of professional online auction scenes and processes. UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD has 100% confidence, which brings not only the support of capital, but also the support and assistance in the auction business chain to REVA.

Some Wall Street economic analysts pointed out that the wholly-owned acquisition of REVA by UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD was the most correct decision. It did not deviate from the traditional business form, and more integrated the inevitable occurrence of the process of the times. While integrating new concepts, it increased infinite possibilities for each other. Instead of being limited to its own framework, it quickly chose REVA, a treasure company in NFT blue ocean. Time will prove the operation direction and income of REVA, It will bring infinite surprise to UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD!

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