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Quoth – The All-in-one NFT Authentication Oracle to Innovate the NFT Market

Press ReleaseQuoth – The All-in-one NFT Authentication Oracle to Innovate the NFT Market

What is Quoth

Redefining NFT ownership through infrastructure, Quoth’s oracle API and SDKs enable any wallet, marketplace, or protocol to accurately search and list authenticated NFTs. Its artificial intelligence is in the process of indexing every NFT in existence into comprehensive data sets.  The platform offers a Google-like NFT search using everyday semantics combined with machine learning. Instant oracles offer authentication and suggested behavioral NFT buy lists. In addition, the platform offers all-chain fractional bridging.

The vision of the team

The team behind Quoth is one of the professionals with a track experience of working and leading successful Blockchain and DeFi companies. The vision of Quoth is to advance to the next level for the NFT evolution trajectory, by exploring the many use cases they could have in the future and coming up with comprehensive solutions to meet the foreseeable spike in NFT demand, which may result from it.

The team has previously talked about the crucial role NFTs could play in establishing authenticity via storing on-chain data about goods people would like to acquire in real life, such as cars, blueprints, real estate, or any other type of documentation of an asset. Through NFTs, one could check the manufacturing date and the condition of the asset, through different parameters such as energy efficiency, building or manufacturing year, fuel consumption, and so on. In this context, NFTs are set to surpass the current trend of collectibles and make the leap towards real-world utility by being a reliable and widely accepted tool for monitoring the parameters of various assets.

The technology

Technology-wise, Quoth pulls on-chain data to help the trader distinguish between original NFT collections and fake ones thus protecting the creator from art theft and the collector from buying a fake copy of the original NFT.

However, Quoth doesn’t plan to stop here, the ever-growing demand for NFTs presents itself with new needs and opportunities. On-chain data can be used to determine the true value of an NFT against its real market value, through a sophisticated NFT appraisal technology, which would indicate a fair price for the collector. Future use cases could include NFT licensing, NFT fragmentation for maximized returns, and NFT wrapping for greater access to liquidity and a wider pool of collectors.

About Quoth, Chris Boundikas – Founder and CEO has made the following statement :

“It’s been my dream to be able to assemble a great team and launch the first verifiable and immutable proof of history AI protocol that anyone can use just as easily as their current social media experience. NFTs are here to stay and we are trailblazing the entire NFT infrastructure. ”

List of investors

Quoth secured a total of $3.9M in its funding and a total of eighteen top name companies have taken part in the funding round for Quoth, as follows: Oxbull, Red Kite, Ledgerlink Labs, Shima Capital, Panda Capital, LD Capital, Gordian Agency, AU21 Capital, Krypital Group, ARKN Ventures, Kairon Labs, Exnetwork Capital, FollowTheSeed, NGC Ventures, IBC, MEXC Global, HG Ventures, 0XCapital, Alfa Catalyst.

Upcoming IDO

Those who follow the project closely and might be interested in investing will be delighted to find out that Quoth prepares its IDO on the 23rd of February 2022! Those who wish to invest in QUOTH tokens will be able to do so via the 0xbull and Red Kite trading platforms, for $0.60 per unit. There are 883,333 tokens available for purchase in this IDO.

More details are to be revealed in due course.


To keep up with the latest developments from Quoth, please check out the following social media channels:

Webpage Twitter Facebook Medium Instagram Telegram

Quoth is an Artificial Intelligence NFT indexing protocol and global API aimed at NFT blockchain oracle data.  Anyone can use QuothAPP to search for, authenticate, and bridge any NFT in existence via API and SDKs.

$QUOTH is the native token of the protocol that’s used to coordinate the oracle data and utility. Quoth is chain agnostic and uses machine learning to train its nodes, operated by independent node operators called Ravens.  Anyone can delegate QUOTH to Ravens to train the neural nets of the network and earn rewards.  Ravens and neural net trainers work together to organize the data necessary for the AI to curate and thus give the oracles the necessary NFT information to maintain an index and authenticate NFT protocol API for Defi and Web3.    

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