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Promotion showcases Shandong heritage

BusinessPromotion showcases Shandong heritage

Agricultural products are promoted via livestreaming at a three-day event titled Friendly Shandong and Remarkable Shandong, which opened on Friday in Beijing. WANG JING/CHINA DAILY

Quite a few visitors to a three-day promotional event in Beijing on Friday tried their hands at fixing a Luban lock — a traditional Chinese educational toy believed to have been invented by Lu Ban, a structural engineer from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC).

The lock, whose concave and convex parts dovetail perfectly, is among hundreds of products that have been selected from the agriculture, manufacturing as well as cultural and tourism sectors of Shandong province in East China.

They are being promoted at the event, titled Friendly Shandong and Remarkable Shandong, two major brands that the province has been nurturing to represent the hospitality of the local populace of Shandong and the exquisite workmanship of the province’s products, which embody the country’s intangible cultural heritage and form the epitome of craftsmanship and dedication.

Lu, who was born in what is now Shandong province, is known as the “father of carpentry” in China. While it is easy to take his locks apart, it is difficult to reassemble them, and this is what attracts many to try their luck.

As a key place for early Chinese civilization, Shandong, the hometown of Chinese philosophers Confucius and Mencius, has many cultural treasures worthy of note on the global stage, said Benjamin Hammer, a US citizen who works at Shandong University.

Hammer chose a bouquet of edible peonies made of pancake as a gift at the promotional event. The colors of the pancake flowers are from fruits and vegetables, and the makers used glutinous rice and honey to stick the pieces together, presenting an exquisite handicraft item.

Zhou Naixiang, the governor of Shandong who addressed the opening of the event, said: “In the economic field, Shandong has committed to developing 10 industries, including information technology, modern efficient agriculture and high-quality cultural tourism, presenting huge potential in cooperation.”

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