Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2020

Patients are pushed to get unneeded surgery, and the damage is devastating : Health

Healthcare isn’t unlike any other profit-driven industry. The incentive to upsell and cross-sell is high whether you are an investment banker, a mechanic, or a physician. We expect the altruistic nature and ethical morality of the physician or hospital to serve as a check against abuse of their power against patients. Well that won’t work if hospitals have to hit their numbers to justify the investment from their financiers and investors.

Healthcare should be a fundamental human right. It’s unfortunate that in the US we are still not ready to have a conversation on an overhaul of the health system. It was a talking point for a momentary second during the primaries and that is going to be sent to the back so the corona and the economy can have their time to shine in the presidential debtes