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OMA Chain Monthly Technical Analysis Report Released

TechnologyOMA Chain Monthly Technical Analysis Report Released

There is no easy road to success. Only by working tirelessly and intensively can we achieve the future. Based on the initial intention of building the world’s first intelligent public chain of data management system with stable and reliable interactive behavior value, OMA CHAIN technology team has worked hard to build this long technical road.

In March, OMA CHAIN technology team continued to dig deep into the research and development of underlying technologies, and continued to steadily promote the research and development of main CHAIN construction, POI consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, economic system and other modules. Here is a summary of the technology dynamics in March 2020:

Main chain construction:

Merge the underlying framework branch code and start the unit test;

Design block/transaction validation logic;

Realize the data storage mode selection;

Complete the prototype diagram design of node deployment;

Complete the permission construction of user role on the chain;

Study the adjustment of block system parameters (block capacity upper limit, block gas upper limit, etc.).

Consensus mechanism:

Complete the logic realization of user contribution algorithm;

Design the block production logic prototype diagram;

Realize the consensus verification and construction of punishment logic for cheating;

Initiate logical design of voting system.

Smart contract:

Complete the test of 3 unit test cases of smart contract module;

Continue to promote the development of contract SDK;

Complete the design of contract security check logic.

Economic system:

Design the prototype drawing of proposal and signature logic;

Design the block production reward model prototype;

Study the gas charging mode and resource price model.

OMA CHAIN technology team is in an orderly manner to advance technology research and development. To create more excellent performance, more secure mechanism, more flexible governance system, more compatibility of the underlying public chain is OMA CHAIN’s goal. Although there is still a long way to go, the achievement of dreams but determination and confidence will not be shaken. Let’s look forward to the future of OMA CHAIN.

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