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Olivia Palermo Is About to Become Your New Favorite Designer |

FashionOlivia Palermo Is About to Become Your New Favorite Designer |

Olivia Palermo is a master of reinvention.

Since first entering the spotlight in the early 2000s, the 33-year-old has gone from socialite, to reality star, to full-fledged influencer. She’s had her own lifestyle site — the recently redesigned — for years, and industry insiders will likely vouch for her top-notch public relations skills, which she puts on display whenever she collaborates with a brand. (It’ll be her telling you all about the pieces and the process, not someone she hired.)

Olivia Palermo

Dress, Olivia Palermo; Jewelry, Piaget. Photo by Sharon Radisch.

Still, even as Palermo continues to expand her ever-growing résumé, something about her has always remained consistent: her style. She’s a pro at putting together an enviable outfit, keeping up with the latest trends, and showing us how to wear items in ways we hadn’t thought of before.

That’s probably why her latest gig makes so much sense, and is something that fans have been waiting for. On Feb. 13, Palermo will release her very own line, Olivia Palermo Collection, turning her number one title into founder and designer.

“It’s something I have always thought to do,” she told InStyle prior to the launch. “It was just a matter of when timing was right. I think after 10 years, working on enough collaborations, my brand is changing and going into the next phase.”

Olivia Palermo

Shirt, Olivia Palermo; Trench Dress, Olivia Palermo; Boots, Dr. Martens; Jewelry, Piaget. Photo by Sharon Radisch.

That next phase includes a Spring 2020 drop, which contains 53 pieces, from structured shirts to shorts. The colors are vibrant, the prints are bold, and the overall vibe is classic and feminine. Palermo said she planned this season’s pieces alongside pre-Fall and Fall, in order to set the tone for what her brand would become.

“I think Spring was a great start, and you really see it more in pre-fall,” she said, adding that Fall 2020 is when things get particularly dreamy. “We’re very big on overcoats because it’s something I love very much. Lots of mixing and matching, lots of tailoring.”

Olivia Palermo

Blouse, Olivia Palermo; Skirt, Michael Kors; Heels, Manolo Blahnik; Jewelry, Piaget. Photo by Sharon Radisch

Of course, Palermo didn’t just tell us what to expect — she showed us, too. She posed for an InStyle photoshoot at a spacious Greenwich Village apartment, where she styled her own creations with other designer clothing, proving how versatile everything truly is.

“I’m very excited about how you can break it up and wear it with any collection. It’s about mixing and matching in one’s wardrobe, and there’s really something for everyone.”

What’s particularly cool is that, with all of Palermo’s experience in the fashion world, she’s made some well-known, talented friends, which have given her their stamp of approval. Giambattista Valli “has been super supportive,” she said, adding that Andrea Incontri, the former creative director at Tod’s menswear, was impressed with all the “little details” — something, Palermo assured us, he’s particular about.

Olivia Palermo

Trench, Sally LaPointe; Shirt, Olivia Palermo; Jewelry, Piaget. Photo by Sharon Radisch.

Despite these esteemed reviews, the true marker for success will be one that’s the same for many designers.

“Just seeing people wear the clothes,” she said. “Even now, I’m so thrilled when I see pieces from my previous collaborations with other brands, like Banana Republic and Karl Lagerfeld, on the street. I think watching how stylish women around the world put my designs together will be so rewarding.”

The Olivia Palermo Collection ranges from $275 to $1,595 and will be available to shop on on Feb. 13. It will also be available at Saks Fifth Avenue and specialty retailers in the coming weeks.

Photographs by Sharon Radisch.  Hair by Nicolas Eldin.  Makeup by Kale Teter. Styled by Kristina Rutkowski, assisted by Copelyn Bengel. Art direction and production by Kelly Chiello.

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