Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2020

NY Officials Warn of Risk Posed by Jewish Circumcision Ritual After Recent Herpes Cases : Health

Then I damn well hope they put those laws in – will be good to see less penis-mutilating animals around. Might stop the spread of measles too because the Orthodox fuckers won’t vaccinate their children because they’re scared of a man in the sky. I feel for the kids who have died, when their deaths could have been prevented simply by the absence of superstition, and actual care and parenting. Those ‘mothers’ should be ashamed.

Jews seem obsessed with murdering and torturing Palestinians while conquering their land in order to consolidate and grow Israel, so might be better for both parties if you want to leave and be able to cut parts off your baby’s penis there. They can go help.

Hilarious that bodily autonomy is so important in not being mandated to be vaccinated but when it comes to mutilation in the name of ‘ritual’ it’s thrown out the window.

How about you practice primitive barbaric rituals that only harm yourself, and not your child who can’t consent to them? Are you going to violate their body in the name of your religion – you don’t own them and neither does your religion just because you’re their parent. I would expect someone Judaic to have a stronger grasp on human rights given the past.

Get fucked. Hope you enjoy a life of primitive superstition following your petulant religion. Thankfully the rest of us are more sensible.