Published On: Wed, Jul 31st, 2019

New Energy Network Fund & Signing ceremony of Cyprus Strategic Cooperation was successfully completed

New Energy Network Fund & Signing ceremony of Cyprus Strategic Cooperation was successfully completed, which is opening the new energy industry“One Belt And One Road”cooperation development road.

Silicon Innovation Technology Group co-founder and Executive Director of NENF Mr.Michael said: “NEC is a global new energy ecological projects, NEN Chain is new energy network for the future, we are still just beginning to do it. Cyprus is successful in the field of renewable energy development and utilization, so the strategic cooperation is hoped that we can work together, and NEN Chain is also willing to work with countries around the world to promote the ecological construction in the global new energy network, enhance the transformation of global energy and!”

The representative of Cyprus was invited.he says “new energy industry in the future will be of important significance to every country, so developing new energy industry is sooner or later. China is most populous country in the world, hope we can with the fans and drivers of the new energy industry in China, create beautiful tomorrow together.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Tim show about the company’s layout for the new energy industry in the future. First of all, main network will be launched next month, through the blockchain storage technology development to cater to each country’s sustainable development policy.Since countries have issued new energy development strategy and long-term planning, as well as renewable new energy development investment plan. Secondly, in order to promote the rapid development of new energy industry, we will also start to launch mining machine through the OBD interface of the car, vehicle data can be collected. In the intelligent car network of new energy, data can also be automatically uploaded into main network and generate actual income, so as to create a car data mining machine that can not only be a machine but also internet of vehicles. Finally, make full use of the value of data and mining machine which will be applied to the whole business scene, including automobile aftermarket service, intelligent vehicle network system, charging pile, etc.

In the future, NEC will be distributed in all ecology and fields of the NEN chain layout to promote it to be a rapidly growing industrial unicorn in the new energy era and realize a green and low-carbon lifestyle.