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National Ice Cream Day: Why we celebrate, and where to get the day’s best deals

LifestyleNational Ice Cream Day: Why we celebrate, and where to get the day's best deals

I scream, you scream, we’re all screaming for National Ice Cream Day.

Whether you prefer to jump for joy or silently savor the dessert, bringing people together is what ice cream is all about, according to Carla Noboa, the owner and founder of BIVE Ice Cream Shop in New York City.

Carla Noboa, the owner and founder of BIVE in New York City, sprinkled us with some ice-cream knowledge in honor of the occasion.

Carla Noboa, the owner and founder of BIVE in New York City, sprinkled us with some ice-cream knowledge in honor of the occasion.


“I feel that ice cream is a way to make people happy and a to-go product that consumers are wanting as a dessert and treat to share with others,” said Noboa, who shared her passion for the delectable dessert with Fox News — and helped to deliver the scoop (pun intended) on the day dedicated to ice cream.

National Ice Cream Day was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan, but it was never meant to be celebrated annually.

“National Ice Cream Day was only supposed to be one day — in fact, Ronald Reagan actually signed a resolution to make National Ice Cream Day on July 15, 1984,” explained Noboa.  “Despite the resolution only mentioning that specific day in 1984, Americans love ice cream and continued to celebrate it every year on the third Sunday in July.”

And pretty much every other day, too.

And pretty much every other day, too.

But while President Reagan put a day dedicated to ice cream in the history books, he was not the first president to enjoy the sweet dessert. “George Washington apparently loved ice cream, and in one summer, he literally spent $200 on ice cream,” Noboa told Fox News.

Unfortunately, however, America’s first president did not get to enjoy his ice cream in a cone, largely because the ice cream cone wasn’t invented until 1904.

“Ernest Hamwi, who participated in the St. Louis World’s Fair, had a waffle booth next to an ice cream seller,” explained Noboa. “The ice-cream seller ran out of dishes, so Hamwi actually rolled a waffle to hold his neighbor’s ice-cream and then the cone was born.”

And yet Ernest Hamwi's birthday is not yet a nationally recognized holiday.

And yet Ernest Hamwi’s birthday is not yet a nationally recognized holiday.


Now that you know how this delectable day came into being, here are some ways you can celebrate:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is offering a “Kookie Kong” milkshake mixed with Monkey Shoulder Malt Scotch Whiskey.

Baskin Robbins is offering two pre-packed pints for just $7.99. Orders of over $10 placed through DoorDash using the code FREESCOOP will also be treated to one free scoop.

Carla Noboa’s BIVE is offering an extra scoop for customers who buy a single scoop of ice cream, along with a free cone.

Go to a Carvel and buy any size soft-serve in a cup or cone, and you’ll get a free soft-serve in a corresponding size.

Participating Dippin’ Dots locations are giving away free mini cups of ice cream during a specific two-hour window. Check with your local outlet to find out when to stop by.

Godiva Boutiques are offering half-off your second ice cream after purchasing one at full price.

Johnny Rockets is giving away a free milkshake with the purchase of an entree.

Serendipity at Boca Raton Resort & Club in Florida is offering its Golden Opulence Sundae, which sells for $1,000, and includes 50 scoops of gourmet ice cream, sorbets, a handmade chocolate spire, and edible 24-karat gold leaves.

Amazon Prime members at Whole Foods can get 35-percent off ice cream and frozen novelties through July 30.

And, of course, Longhorn Steakhouses are offering a taste of the restaurant’s new Steak and Bourbon ice cream for just $3.99 at select locations.


Can’t eat the cold stuff? There are always a few ice cream-themed games and toys to help the little ones celebrate:

  •  Oops Scoops (YULU) – Stack the ice cream scoops on the shaking cone, if the tower topples over you are out of the game! 
  •  Ice Cream Cart (PLAYMOBIL) – Build your Ice Cream Cart and bring the set to life with figures and accessories included.
  •  Foodie Surprise Ice Cream Food Cart (RedwoodVentures) – Deconstruct the ice cream themed food cart to reveal all supplies and ingredients needed to make your own gummy candy.

For more on National Ice Cream Day, watch BIVE Founder Carla Noboa’s full interview above.


Emily DeCiccio is a video producer and reporter for Fox News Digital Originals. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio.

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