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Nails for Sagittarius Season 2019

FashionNails for Sagittarius Season 2019

With December right around the corner, late fall and winter babies finally have a reason to celebrate: Sagittarius season is officially here.

But according to astrologers, whether or not you’ll be celebrating your birthday over the next month, this is a time to start taking risks as we wrap up the year — even when it comes to your manicure. 

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“This is a time of boldness,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells InStyle. “The archer loves to take gambles in life — and that includes being a trendsetter in fashion and beauty. Known for their happy-go-lucky attitude, Sag never shies away from color and loves to be seen. Their nails will always make a statement and radiate positive vibes.”

Ahead, find out which colors Stardust, along with tarot card reader Blue June, say each sign should wear during this adventurous season. 

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