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Meta fully bets on the Metaverse, Ocean Mollu creates the first stop of the “super player” era

Press ReleaseMeta fully bets on the Metaverse, Ocean Mollu creates the first stop of the “super player” era

With the opening of the era of the global industrial revolution, the expansion of human society’s wealth has shown an exponential growth.Behind this is the continuous evolution from the traditional agricultural society to the industrial society to the information technology society.

The continuous advancement of technology has led to higher and higher efficiency of social production. It is a process of continuous informatization, dataization, and globalization, as well as a process of continuous exponential increase in economic capacity. Only by following this trend can the market accommodate enough super-sized unicorn companies.

So,where is the end point of the future evolution? What is the face of the ultimate society?

Perhaps, metaverse has already given the answer you want.

The evolutionary end of human society-Metaverse

“Metaverse” is composed of “meta” (transcendence) and “universe” (universe), that is, “world beyond the universe”. Modern English dictionaries define it as a virtual reality (vr) space in which users can interact with computer-generated environments and other people. Meta universe” is a creative concept derived from science fiction and movies. About 30 years ago, American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson’s novel “Avalanche” created the concept of “Metaverse”, which refers to a computer-generated virtual world. The protagonist of the novel is a pizza deliveryman who shares a small warehouse with others in reality, but when he connects himself to the “Metaverse”, he moves into a virtual mansion. In “Metaverse”, everyone has their own “digital avatar”

Meta fully bets on the Metaverse, Ocean Mollu creates the first stop of the “super player” era

In fact, metaverse can be understood as projecting all things in the real world into the virtual world, even the scale of the virtual world will be larger than the real world. For example, the movie “Number One Player” intuitively showed the audience how to realize the “Metaverse”. Wearing a VR helmet can enter the “Oasis” virtual world, where there is a complete virtual social form, including digital content and digital products of various industries. The protagonist can not only “see”, but also perceive the physical pain caused by conflict in the virtual world through the somatosensory suit.

In the concept of metaverse, Roblox is the first person to eat crabs. In March of this year, the listing of Roblox game company in the United States triggered a real “metaverse” boom, and some domestic and foreign technology giants and capital ran into the market. But what really brought metaverse to the global media was the news of Facebook’s name change.

Meta is born

At 10 am Eastern Time on October 29th, Facebook opened its annual developer conference as scheduled. In the face of countless visitors, Zuckerberg announced loudly: “Today, we have an important thing to share with you, and that is to confirm the news of the company’s name change, the new company is called Meta.” Not only that, Zuckerberg also explained his understanding and strategic planning of the metaverse in an unprecedented, careful and complete manner, as well as the various progress made in the field of metaverse. Even the classic thumb logo was removed and replaced by a new icon similar to “endless.”

With the Internet technology giant Facebook officially changing its company name to “Meta”, it shows that Facebook is trying to break away from the past and tear down the label that has been fixed on it-social media.

In fact, the metaverse vision shown by Facebook is somewhat similar to the movie. In the keynote speech, the scene behind Xiao Zha switched from the daily living room to the virtual villa and space capsule. Like dealing with real people, he communicated and interacted with the avatars of other users connected to the “Future Internet” and transformed the virtual world. Everything in is projected into reality.

The future development of “Metaverse” described by Xiaozha will be the “post-Internet world”, and it may become the final form of development in the Internet era. Although the goal is far away, it is feasible to build a road to the metaverse through games, and Ocean Mollu is one of the representatives.

Ocean Mollu creates the world’s first 3D Metaverse

The development of the Internet has greatly enriched and expanded our lives, making it possible to buy products thousands of miles away at the touch of a few buttons without leaving home, extending the length of our lives in disguised form through technology. Now, players can experience different character lives through the metaverse world created by Ocean Mollu, have different assets and social relationships, complete things that cannot be done in real life, and advance the future scenes of the domain Meta.

Game pioneers represented by Axie have created hundreds of millions of blue ocean markets, but the biggest problem with most metaverse games today is that the game screen stays in 2D style, and the growth of player revenue depends on the influx of new players from outside. Once the increase is difficult to maintain , The backward picture will cause the player’s aesthetic fatigue and abandon the game, and Play-to-earn can only become empty talk.

In response to the pain points of metaverse games, Ocean Mollu came into being. It is a blockchain 3D style metaverse game designed and built based on the BSC public chain.

Upholding the dream of linking the future metaverse, Ocean Mollu is more like a 3D virtual world parallel to the physical world. In the world of Ocean Mollu, social interaction becomes lively and within reach. In the future, players will be able to see the emergence of work, education, games, tourism and other fields, creating a system that includes all the various forms of our real social life. The magical world in the bag.

In this virtual world with complete spatial perception and physical rules, Ocean Mollu provides each player with a unique stand-in character-Mollu. Mollu, a creature with superpowers, has different attributes and combat power. In the later stage, Mollu can get a steady stream of upgrades through fighting and nurturing players.

(Mollu who fought in Ocean Mollu)

Although the game has not yet been launched, from the preliminary information and design patterns, we can see the advantages and growth potential of the game:

1. Token scarcity value: Most competing games set up internal tokens for inflation to attract more players in the early stage. Ocean Mollu’s economic model has designed a large number of destruction mechanisms to maintain the value of OMO, such as When users purchase and multiply Mollu, they will consume the tokens to ensure the health of the token economy; 70% of the auction market is used to repurchase OMO; 40% of the transaction fee between players is used to repurchase Purchase OMO for destruction, etc. It can be said that as players grow and the total amount of tokens is limited, OMO in the system will become increasingly scarce.

2. Gamefi’s paradigm: The concept of metaverse is still in its early stages. Many projects only focus on issues such as the playability of the user experience of the UI interface, and lack the design and value maintenance of the in-game economy. In addition to the destruction mechanism settings mentioned above, Ocean Mollu also integrates Defi and NFT to provide players with multiple benefits. And there are many scenarios in Ocean Mollu where a certain percentage is used to add the liquidity of the OMO/USDT trading pair, which can improve the stability of the game and provide players with long-term income.

3. Rich Mollu design: At present, many popular in-game players on the market have a very single identity. As users increase, the threshold for entry has also risen correspondingly, which brings troubles and risks to many novices. In the early stage of Mollu, there will be eight occupations and more than 1,000 component combinations. Each Mollu has unique attributes, rich elements, and more diverse player choices. You can match your pet combinations according to your interests. DIY belongs to your own Mollu team!

In Ocean Mollu, players can choose according to their own situation. The early admission only needs to purchase 5 Mollu to play and enjoy the benefits of game growth. This will also enable the game to form long-term natural growth without When the value of game tokens is too fast, the threshold for new players is too high, and they fall into the dilemma of unsustainable growth and priceless market.

4. More immersive gaming experience

With the powerful expansive technology of the BSC public chain and the high-dimensional game hardware VR glasses being developed by Ocean Mollu, its future in-game scene expression will complete the transformation from traditional 2D to 3D, and the intervention of 3D technology in games will break through the traditional two. The fixed visual way of thinking in the three-dimensional game brings players a sense of real space and shocking experience.

5. Advanced DAO governance model

In a true metaverse society, the importance of the player community is self-evident. Therefore, Ocean Mollu has established the DAO community management model and made the governance pool address public to the community management and supervision.

With the maturity of Ocean Mollu and the token economic system, the governance funds of the DAO fund governance pool will all be used for community development (season rewards, official grants, etc.), and the use will be determined by the community. OceanMollu will gradually evolve into a community-based decentralized organization and become a game that truly runs through DAO.


Since Facebook changed the name of metaverse to Meta, this magical early fantasy concept will no longer exist in novels and movies. Although there is still a long way to realize the vision of metaverse, the door to the virtual world and the real world has been opened, whether it is from From the virtual to the real, or from the real to the virtual, has become an unstoppable trend.

As Ocean Mollu with an innovative 3D painting style, its creative concepts and technology provide a solid player base and a lot of basic work for the future to a complete metaverse world; as various technology capital giants run into the game, technical Breakthrough is only a matter of time. The colorful world created by Ocean Mollu will eventually step into our lives.

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