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Meeting Spring in weihai Lingang

LifestyleMeeting Spring in weihai Lingang

Meeting Spring in Lingang

Hi, my name is Mira.

Let’s come to Lingang together to welcome spring.

In recent years, many people come to Lingang area for leisure and entertainment during holidays and festivals.

This is a great place for recreation.

Here you can fish, enjoy the scenery, pick strawberries and enjoy nature.

The beautiful Hanfu is made of these textiles, and our admiration still lives on.

There are many strawberries over there, are they all yours?

a multitude

please taste and eat.

Thank you so much!


When we planted our Shuoguo strawberries

 we all used peanut cakes and soybean meal,

so when you eat them, they melt right into your mouth

Very delicious strawberries ! Wonderful!

These big, sweet strawberries are so delicious ,thank you so much

The scenery here is very beautiful and the flowers are beautiful,too.

Many people like to rest here.

Today there is another activity I have been looking forward to for a long time today – fishing.

There is also a very good fishing spot in Lingang District – Taigong Yuan.

This is a place for recreational fishing and good luck with your catch

A great leisure place to go fishing and visit the exhibition halls.

This is a great place for leisure and entertainment, and I will definitely come back again.

Fishing activities are so fun. Fish, fish, swimming away quickly.

 It’s worth it to relax here.

Welcome everyone to Lingang and welcome the arrival of spring together.

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