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LC public chain: Promote the development of underlying infrastructure

FinanceLC public chain: Promote the development of underlying infrastructure

LC-a public chain system developed based on EOSIO, is currently in trial operation worldwide.  It is reported that the LC public chain is independently developed by Singapore LC Chain International, which is mainly used as the underlying infrastructure that combines blockchain technology into physical industry, big data, AI, and financial technology.

As the bottom support of the applicable value of the blockchain, public chain is the most indispensable part of the development of the blockchain industry, and has always been valued by people in the industry. Only on the basis of the solid, stable and efficient public chain operation can the commercial application of blockchain be truly implemented and developed.

At present, the LC public chain has obtained the certificate of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, and its independent innovation ability, reliability, and maturity have all been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the technical level, TPS reaches 100,000 levels, and there is no upper limit on the number of accounts, contracts, and nodes.

With LC Chain International, it has gathered the strong advantages of top talents in blockchain technology research and development, finance, business and other industries, as well as the successful implementation of digital financial technology tools such as digital asset transaction exchange, payment, and borrowing. The LC public chain is building a platform for developing enterprise service platforms, agro-ecological platforms, supply chain finance, hotel management systems, smart rural areas, and community management. It has demonstrated advantages in technology and landing applications that are different from other public chains.

The core functions of the LC public chain and the establishment of the ecological foundation have been completed. Based on the professional technical team of LC Chain international and a perfect industrial ecosystem, combined with its own strong advantages such as “strong landing”, “strong scalability” and “high throughput”, LC public chain can effectively serve SMEs Create a healthy, efficient, and credible business platform to make it easier for various industries to combine blockchain technology.

While the blockchain industry is developing rapidly, it is inevitable that some technical difficulties will be encountered. Subject to the on-chain transaction speed, degree of modularity, and lack of scalability, etc., the large-scale application of blockchain to various industries faces certain practical difficulties.

It is worth mentioning that the LC public chain is sufficient to support the ecological development of various industries in terms of technology, modularity, and scalability. The TPS reaches 100,000 levels. There is no upper limit on the number of accounts, contracts, nodes, and miners … Therefore, the LC public chain has built the world’s first decentralized enterprise service system, using a more scientific consensus mechanism, a more convenient information interaction engine, a more comprehensive historical business management engine and a more convenient contract Develop norms, and provide independent enterprise management, financing management, financial management, invoicing management, etc. through the core functions of independent research and development such as intelligent financing system, transparent financial system, intelligent trading system, etc , Alliance chain, private chain more valuable business operation model.

At the same time, the LC public chain has also built a complete set of modern technology service frameworks that combine the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence to achieve the integration of the blockchain and the aforementioned cutting-edge technologies.

It is reported that LC Chain International is a world-renowned blockchain industry leader in Singapore. At the invitation of the Thai government, the world ’s first blockchain-based city, Mae Sot · Chain Capital, was built in the country. With the trial operation of the LC public chain and subsequent successful launch, LC Chain International will implement the application of blockchain technology, promote the integration of blockchain and economic and social development, and contribute to social and economic development. In this way, the entire industrial chain of blockchain ecology with international standards will be built to promote the benign development of cutting-edge technology and real industries around the world.

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