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KPG Public Chain’s Road to Global Expansion

FinanceKPG Public Chain's Road to Global Expansion

In early May 2020, our local reporter interviewed Ryan Perez, the agent of the public chain KPG in the US region. Currently KPG is traded on the ZB exchange. The specific contents of the KPG public chain are as follows:

KPG Kunpeng Public Chain is an enterprise-level commercial blockchain basic platform. The product positioning of KPG Kunpeng Public Chain is: In the era of 5G Internet of Things, it serves industrial blockchains and provides world-class commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure services. The value of the KPG token is the right to use the KPG network ecology. The application of the Internet of Things industry for the trillion-level market is the main application scenario of Kunpeng Public Chain. It has a wide range of applications, from environmental protection, medical care to agriculture and energy, traceability, government affairs, etc In the field, the solutions provided by Kunpeng Public Chain can be adopted. For example, Kunpeng traceability Baas system, Kunpeng enterprise-level chain reform service. At present, the A round of financing has received tens of millions of RMB led by various institutions such as ZB Capital, Crypto Vision, and Shuimu Fintech Fund.

The KPG team is global, and the opinions of the foundation and token lawyers are legal and compliant procedures, and the circulation of tokens is also globalized, so we chose the international strategic cooperation of China Currency Group. Since the establishment of the KPG public chain project, within ten months, it has experienced many milestones such as the release of the white paper, the testing of the online line and the announcement of TPS, project open source, main online line, and multiple iterations of client nodes. With the support of the community, all the steps are completed as planned. At present, the KPG main network has achieved 8,000 + TPS, and it will pave the way for international commercialization in the future. The pace of KPG public chain technology has never stopped, but we are well aware that the success of a blockchain project is definitely not solely based on technological progress. Throughout the history of projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the success of these projects is closely related to the support of the community. The growth of the community and the development of the project mutually promote and achieve each other. The value of the project itself has been recognized by more people, and the participants in the community have realized their own value in this growth. Therefore, in order to better promote the development of the community, let more people understand KPG’s high throughput, more flexible commercial technology features, and KPG Kunpeng Public Chain’s bright vision for the future blockchain world. KPG officials decided to update the progress of the KPG public chain project this month at the end of each month to promote better communityization and healthy development of the project.

What are the underlying technology innovations of KPG Kunpeng public chain? 1. One of our principles is not to reinvent the wheel. The bottom layer integrates the code of Bitcoin and Ethereum, referring to the implementation of quantum chain and other mainstream public chains. The quality and security of the code are both tried and tested, standing on the shoulders of giants to avoid making cars behind closed doors. 2. The Kunpeng public chain uses the UTXO model. Compared with the Ethereum account model, it can achieve more flexible functions such as multi-signature. At the same time, the UTXO model also has advantages in concurrent verification. 3. The POS consensus adopted by the Kunpeng public chain will not waste power resources compared to POW. At the same time, the threshold for ordinary users to participate in mining is low. It does not require high prices to purchase mining machines. It is a fairer algorithm. 4. In terms of resisting 51% attacks, the attacker needs to hold more than 50% of the KPG to be successful. The attack will inevitably cause the price of the currency to fall. The attacker is the largest currency holder, but the biggest loss. Therefore, launching a 51% attack on the Kunpeng public chain is not worth the effort, which is better than POW. 5. Kunpeng public chain supports 16M large blocks, and the expected block interval is 64 seconds, with the ability to support large-scale commercial application scenarios. 6. The Kunpeng public chain can use distributed governance protocols to dynamically adjust parameters such as block size and commission rate, avoiding frequent forks. 7. The Kunpeng public chain supports smart contracts, and KRC20 standard tokens can be issued on the Kunpeng public chain, which can meet complex application scenarios. 8. Kunpeng smart contract uses the same development language Solidity of Ethereum, which can be easily and seamlessly switched for developers, and the learning cost is extremely low.

The KPG team hopes to establish a wide range of partners in various cities around the world and develop global customers.

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