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JPM Coin before, ACU after, USDT has reached the limits of its superpower status 

FinanceJPM Coin before, ACU after, USDT has reached the limits of its superpower status 

On Feb 14, 2019, JPMorgan Chase, the largest commercial bank in the United States, announced the issuance of crypto-currency,JPM Coin, which is mainly used to achieve the immediate payment of interbank and cross border.

The exchange rate between the JPM Coin and the US dollar was 1:1,

 And the participation of JPMorgan Chase marked the formal shot of top capitalists of Wall Street on their long-coveted Stable currency market.

In this regard, the deputy director of Chinese economic network management center in Chinese National Information Center ,the  Blockchain economist ,Zhu Youping said,

although the JPM Coin will not be listed and circulated at present, it has a lot of imagination space, and its circulation can not be restricted after its value is proved in the future.

Zhu said, the stable currency may be the digital currency in the future, China is also promoting the attempt of digital currency actively. The key to the next step of steady currency stability is to form a commercial closed-loop. After JPMorgan Chase, many banks have followed up, which also proves the initiatives of this project.

On Dec 16, 2019 ,the World Digital Currency Forum launched a global conference and the ACU White Paper Conference were successfully held in Hong Kong.

Asia Digital Currency Limited started and issued the stable currency ACU, which is based on the offshore RMB.

By Dec 25, 2019, ACU has entered the stage of internal docking and subscribing, the subscription price is 0. 05 USD.

Now the ACU is launching for subscription in BITHK, and getting a 4 times soaring in a short week .

This bombshell reveals two key information :firstly, Hong Kong acts as one of the most important international financial markets, leading the world whether in financial innovation or financial openness. The Hong Kong government is thoughtful and foresighted.

Secondly, the fate of the Asia-Pacific economic has been dominated by the hegemony of the US dollar for many years, therefore its unfair trade settlement system and currency crises that erupt at any time often make it impossible for Asian countries to defend themselves.

Behind the Asian economic trend, the deeper significance of ACU is to lead the Asia-Pacific economy to restructure the economic pattern and recover the prosperity of the Asia-Pacific economy as they have been in the past. .

And this is bound to challenge the long-standing hegemony of the US dollar.

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