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ITK: A diversified digital asset trading market is taking shape

Press ReleaseITK: A diversified digital asset trading market is taking shape

As a revolutionary technology, the blockchain acts as a torchbearer that drives the digital transformation of the global traditional financial market. In the foreseeable future, digital cash market will have a great room for growth, supplementing quality exchanges in a mutual way. However, under the influence of centralized system, there are many unsurpassable technical hidden troubles and market pain points in traditional asset exchanges. Thus, setting up a professional, safe, stable and reliable decentralized digital asset exchange is imminent.

ITK Exchange: ITK’s full name is Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit. It is a digital asset trading platform that provides professional services to the global market under the National Institutes of Health. With its rich professional capabilities, experience and market awareness, ITK has been operating since 2017 and is directly under the supervision of the New York State Financial Services Department (NYDFS) and the Singapore Financial Supervisory Authority (MAS).

ITK Medical Coin: ITK is an open-source software library for processing medical images, which has a wealth of image segmentation and registration algorithm programs, used to provide support for applications in medical institutions around the world. In the ITK ecosystem, each space can communicate, trade, and interoperate with each other. ITK is a decentralized digital currency based on Ethereum. The total issuance is limited to 79 million, which is issued by ITK.

ITK uses blockchain to change the storage and transmission mode of transaction data. By means of data on-chain, users are provided with a fast pipeline of information. Also, transaction data can be recorded in blockchain, which functions Data Encryption, so that the data cannot be tampered with. ITK is open and transparent, so that people can more directly build trust in all aspects of asset trading applications and eliminate the participation of centralized servers, which means that this technology is able to save social resources, reduce the transaction steps, and transaction time as well.

ITK is committed to creating an autonomous, secure, compliant and diverse Blockchain digital asset world where institutional and individual investors can safely replace financial products of any size and frequency without worrying about the fairness and security of the platform, privacy of user data, transparency of platform rules, system stability and reliability.

ITK realizes the complexity by the system and makes it easy for users to trade without any concerns. ITK always adheres to the values of user-oriented, fair and just, and complete experience. To prevent users from incurring additional losses, being cheated, etc. due to cognitive deficiencies, ITK provides users risk tips and safety education, etc. In multiple plates so as to improve related transaction cognition. Besides, through multiple hot and cold wallets, offline signatures, etc., ITK provides bank – level wallet security services to ensure the safety of user assets; AI smart currency-withdraw risk control system have double guarantees of efficiency and security.

Undoubtedly, the emergence of digital currency derivatives is the mature mark of encrypted money market. ITK can enhance the depth and breadth of the cryptocurrency trading market and attract more peripheral investors. To some extent, it promotes the prosperity and development of encrypted currency.  It is believed that ITK will bring people more effectiveness, order, mutual trust and freedom in the future!

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