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IPFS Harbor Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Press ReleaseIPFS Harbor Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

The company is committed to Exploring IPFS and Promoting Web 3.0 development

Since 15th August of IPFS mainnet event of Space Race,The following great achievements can be seen.: 

  • The block height has exceeded 100 million
  • The total storage has achieved 9.5 EiB
  • Active storage providers exceeded 3,000

IPFS Harbor as the loyal follower and builder of distribute storage, they have devoted to web 3.0 infrastructure, it has breakthrough on data center establishment, software updating, global market layout.

1、Be the most reliable IPFS storage provider

On 25th, 2019, IPFS Harbor was officially established and settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone, which enjoys the reputation of “Nation of Abundance”. It has talent aggregating environment which is best incubation place for developing of IPFS storage. 

Since its establishment, IPFS Harbor has been actively involved in the field of distributed storage. In early 2020, it completed the construction of the Data Center and released the v1.0 version of its self-developed storage system.

In the first stage of the test-net in April of the same year, IPFS Harbor has ranked in the top on the power table. In the next August space race, IPFS Harbor ranked 23rd in the word and won 26,457 reward.

In the pre-sale stage before the main-net launched, IPFS Harbor market sales exceeded 40,000 TiB, ranking first in the IPFS storage field. And also, IPFS Harbor has reached a technical cooperation with the the University of Electronic Science and Technology Laboratory. And all about blockchain, distributed storage, cloud service, etc.

Based on the previous great achievements, IPFS Harbor has received angel round investment from a Hong Kong-listed company, with hardware assets exceeding $10 million.

As a forefront of storage provider company, our business is covering Russia, Turkey, Japan, England, France, Netherland, USA and South Korea etc.

IPFS Harbor aims to be the world leading decentralized storage solution provider in the next 3-5 years. They have provided the reliable, security storage service to our clients,which includes:


Five-star IDC (Internet Data Center) – Stable Power and Internet maintain, Level 8 Earthquake resistance, and multi-channel air conditioner to ensure the low temperature of equipment running.

It is constructed in strict accordance with the national five-star IDC computer room standard. The data center is located in the national data center in Ya’an, Sichuan

– Energy saving and environmental protection

Followed the ‘Guiding Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Advancing the High-quality Development of Trade’ from the session of the 11th National People’s Congress. The construction of IDC reflects saving, efficiency, which is the national key development goal of carbon neutrality

On March, 2021, the v2.0 system has upgraded the power growth, confirming of sector and WinningPoSt. The Power growth is increased 12.4%, and combined with the existing computing cluster, the daily data confirming reaches 1.4 PiB. Sector verification is more stable, the valid sector status of all nodes remains above 99.98%, and sector errors are repaired within 24 hours.

2、Focusing on web3.0, be the next pioneer of Internet

As the times goes by, IPFS Harbor has been established 2 years. We have followed our roadmap of goals, be the builder of web3.0 infrastructure combine with the Development goals of the nation’s new infrastructure. Using our professional tech of IPFS to participate the web3.0 infrastructure layout.

Web 3.0 must be the next generation of internet. It is on the embryonic stage, uses the blockchain as an important foundation to guide the Internet toward personal control of data ownership and achieve personal privacy, transforming from the current interconnection of information to the interconnection of value.

There are four tags of Web 3.0:

1. Unified identity authentication system,

2. Data confirmation and authorization,

3. Privacy protection and anti-censorship,

4. Decentralized operation

For four tags above, the decentralization and storage will be the most important part of IPFS foundation. This is absolutely what IPFS Harbor’s goals are.

IPFS Harbor has fully equipment, strong internet service, self-developed system and 7*24 hours hosting service with on-site and real-time for troubleshooting. They provide safe, stable, and low-cost storage services to global users.

Web 3.0 still has long way to go as the evolution of internet will open the new ecosystem, business, application, it has a lot practice need us to explore, to solve. There is big support from nation policy which combine with 5G, Industrial Internet, big data development. IPFS Harbor strongly believes web 3.0 will have great futures soon.

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