Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2020

How to Wear a Bralette – Bra Outfit Ideas

Sure, models have been wearing lingerie with their everyday outfits for years, but recently, we’ve noticed the trend is spiking once again. Bralettes took over the Fall 2020 runways (all of our favorite luxury brands included them in their collections), and with summer on the way, we’ve debated giving this look a go ourselves. 

Part of what’s holding us back, however, is how to style a bralette. Do we…just wear it with out carrot-leg jeans? Do we throw it on under a dress? Is it possible to make this piece look casual, instead of super sexy? The answer, we’ve found, is all of the above.

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Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few ways to wear a bralette, whether you’re going for subtle or statement-making. Even if you can’t imagine wearing something even the least bit restrictive during the COVID-19 quarantine, now is the perfect time to experiment.