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High-tech show room in Pi collapsed under the violence forced demolition area

PoliticsHigh-tech show room in Pi collapsed under the violence forced demolition area

On November 28, 2018, China chengdu in sichuan province Pi all OuJinLiang road 666 reigns for villa in a building called: “invented” shocked the world in the 21st century high-tech show houses collapsed in the mining machines, rumbled.

Still others say: “it was a well-planned, well-planned, typically violent demolition.”

Others said, “this is the most representative selective demolition in China.”

“The demolition, in addition to no combat troops in, all the remaining Pi OuDangWei, government, political science and law, public security and police departments participate in… There are 500 of them, no less than a campaign to liquidate the enemy forces.” So far, sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD.

However, just after the China private economy conference; After China’s provinces and cities have held private economic conference; As with high-tech private entrepreneurs are patriotic, Pi zone demolition of the violent incident is to put a few thousand years into a high-tech invention killed, its fierce degree, nanny was caught playing remnants, the legal representative and his family by repeated assassination threat, bloody the truth behind, Pi district officials of various crimes is very obvious, widespread indignation and discontent, people sickened.

“Best” the White House has suffered Pi are “out”

Sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. was founded in 1990, started in yanting county, mianyang, sichuan, China. After several development, the company finally settled in chengdu, the capital of sichuan province, which is known as an international metropolis, the first city in the west and the national central city.

According to understand, the company mainly produces high-tech green building materials, green prefabricated building, its “>” (not reinforced, cement, brick, beam, column, stone, building), “seven” prevention, fire prevention, waterproof, shockproof, prevent crack, insect-resistant eat by moth, prevent aging, antifreeze) functional environmental protection building materials, and through the way of building blocks prefabricated buildings, its craft is simple convenient and fast. The company’s books on green building materials have become the standard in China’s green building industry.

It is reported that the 2008 earthquake hit sichuan, wenchuan in the epicenter of the liu yishou hot pot restaurant unmoved, hundreds of people’s lives were protected; The most tragic hotel in beichuan county is intact as before. Life and property are effectively protected in the use of this building material. After the quake, these legal representatives sent letters of thanks, asking sichuan xinghe company to step up cooperation in the future.

Straw, straw, volcanic ash, plastic residue, no matter it is crop waste, or domestic waste, sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. can turn waste into treasure and produce high-end building materials.

Green building materials produced by sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. are all important in restaurants, hotels, civilian houses, roads and Bridges, no matter in livelihood fields or military technologies.

Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, ningxia, no matter in China’s eastern developed regions, or in the western underdeveloped regions, agents and partners come to chengdu, walk into xinghe, explore the world for thousands of years to surprise the invention, listen to the company’s founder, inventor, scientist Mr. Zhou xinghe secrets.

In America, Africa and Europe, no matter in developed countries or developing countries, people of different colors have traveled across oceans and traveled thousands of miles for the purpose of introducing Mr. Zhou xinghe’s technology for the construction of their own countries.

Presidents, prime ministers and ministers, from heads of state and government to senior government officials, have sent out invitations inviting the world-class scientist and his family of skilled migrants to help them build their country.

In fact, the achievements in the development process are obvious to all. The company has obtained nearly a hundred national patents. In 2009, it was awarded the contribution award of south-south cooperation technology transfer to human beings by the United Nations and won numerous honors from the Chinese government, provinces and cities.

Science and technology strengthen the body, national feelings. Mr. Zhou xinghe, who went abroad to do business in the early years, returned to China to use his technological inventions to promote the construction of green building materials and prefabricated houses in China. In order to better promote the innovation of science and technology, 666 in chengdu Pi OuJinLiang road built a technology showcase house, main purpose is to show the Chinese invention ever since thousands of years, to promote China’s green building materials in the leading position of the world.

Unfortunately, November 28, 2018, on this day, the science and technology show room from the doom, district head in Pi dong-sheng Yang, under the command of the 6 digger Gu Tianli public opinion, ruthlessly destroyed the invention. At the time of the incident, some people shouted at the officials with a sense of responsibility for history and the future, but in the end, it didn’t help. Chengdu “most cattle White House” collapsed, canyuanduanbi, in ruins.

Demolition behind the disguised massacre of ordinary people and students

Respect for talent, for scientific and technological inventions is a country to flourish prosperous wise strategy, but in Pi zone of gold grain road 666 reigns for villa cinnamon court forced demolition of facts, but is like a story of reversal. In addition, the police involved in the demolition is not satisfied with the current Chinese demolition regulations, there are clear requirements that the police cannot participate in the demolition.

The relocation of guixiangting is the most bloody one in chengdu in recent years. “World-class scientific and technological inventions show room was Pi OuDangWei, government violent evictions!” The news spread like wildfire. Long-term engaged in high-end building materials production of more than a dozen scientific researchers filled with indignation, have to the site to maintain their own efforts, to maintain a good project.

“Who stopped the demolition, were they from star river? If it’s the stars, die… “The other end, Pi area district party committee secretary dong-sheng Yang to the scene to participate in the forced officials to do the instructions head held high.

With the location of the secretary’s instructions, the police like to get “imperial decree”, began to forcibly wanton arrest. The first is to protect the scientific achievements of these scientific researchers, zhao, feng, zhou, xie and others just arrived is a group of unidentified people forcibly control the car, whereabouts unknown.

Kidnapping or arraignment? Feng asked anxiously. Instead of an explanation, however, he was beaten and kicked. Later, feng recalled: “at that time, several people, like the police, put him on the ground, sealed his mouth with tape, and tied his backhand at the same time. These men are powerful and menacing enough to threaten other researchers with real kidnapping. In this way, all the scientific researchers of sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. were escorted to xipu police station.”

“We thought we were just taking me to the police station to make some simple inquiries, but instead, they just shut us up and ignored us. Thirsty is not allowed to drink water, hungry is not allowed to eat, even want to go to the toilet can not, cold and hungry, female comrades have been unable to take into account their own dignity, can only take off their pants and defecate on the spot. Recalling the purgatory life, the researcher xie burst into tears.

Xie mou tells a reporter: “compare zhou xinghe in the home the nurse zhang mou’s experience, oneself still is lucky!” Zhang mou as weeks home nanny, had nothing to do with this thing, but can’t bear to see a shocked the world invention was Pi area destroyed. So, a nanny, a woman in extreme anger under the circumstances, out of the courage of a man, to defend the scientific and technological achievements of the legitimate right to show.

Like other tech researchers, zhang was taken to the xipu police station, where he argued with the officers with facts and reasoning in his room. Did not think, his truth will be these police officers anger, then, is a sound of screams from the prison zhang mou room came, hoarse.

“Two hamstrings have been broken after a violent attack!” The hospital gave zhang a diagnosis, after a long time of treatment, has not been to improve, or finally fell disabled. Without the basic survival ability for zhang is the most miserable, but life still has to continue. Zhang’s husband had to use a wheelbarrow to push her to the most prosperous section of chengdu chunxi begging for a living. Chengguan chase, police chase became zhang and her husband’s normal life.

The techies were repeatedly caught, and the extortion continued

Science and technology personnel was caught, science and technology display room was forced to open! Things here is not over, obviously by Pi OuDangWei, government, political science and law, orchestrated by the department of public security, police and other powerful extortion network is gradually approaching the sichuan Milky Way building materials co., LTD.

“This is a very serious and very light matter. The heavier ones can be held for two or three years, and the lighter ones for more than ten days. You can contact with your company, next to a superior shangjie law firm, looking for director wu consultation, enough money can also go out, time is not much, contact as soon as possible. “Said a leader who appeared at the police station to more than a dozen scientific researchers who were seized.

By the police designated interest intermediary began to emerge gradually, sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD. Also began to set up their. In fact, as the leader said, in 24 hours of long waiting and suffering, xi pu police station notified six of them can be released, let a person doubt is, these six people just out of the police station but was summoned back to the police station.

Things are not as simple as imagined, November 28, 2018 at 6:00 PM, xi pu police station orally summoned the person in charge of sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD. And before the police station leadership said, need to find director wu consulting superior shangjie law firm.

After several contacts, the location of the conversation was decided to a ji teahouse. Inside the teahouse, everything began to be put on the table slowly: “the police station put 5,000 yuan for each person, and the total number of 10 people is 500,000 yuan. In addition, has been under the detention of 7 days into detention for 5 days, has been detained for 12 days into detention for 5 days, but, as long as sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. plus 10,000 yuan, and do not write into the receipt, has been detained, also can be put, as long as the money in place.

Because the price is too high, the person in charge of sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD. Chose the first kind of plan. On November 29, 2018, director wu received 20,000 RMB from the person in charge of sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD., and within 24 hours, 6 of them were released by the police station and then sent back to the station. The 6 were not released until the remaining 30,000 RMB was fully paid.

For the rest of the staff, wu also fulfilled his “promise”. The xipu police station changed the detention of the other four scientists from 7 to 12 days to 5 days. Only a few hours, you shangjie law firm wu mou in the case of not signed the agency agreement, transceiver freely from the luipu police station to “the two sides of the agency has been handled.” Namely receive money to xi pu police station arrest of the people put.

The assassination followed, and the scientists were forced to flee

Violent organizations of a country’s main duty is to protection a peace, let people can securely, entrepreneurs can happy, the opposite is in chengdu in sichuan province Pi all OuJinLiang road 666 cinnamon court the violent demolitions, make sure the a scientists and entrepreneurs lack legal safeguard, even their own life and property safety cannot be effectively guaranteed.

According to a person familiar with the incident, zhou xinghe was lucky not to be on the spot during the demolition on November 28, 2018. If there is resistance, will be shot on the spot, and finally auction zhou xinghe has the legal right to use more than 80 mu of land.

“It goes on like this.” For this time, the reporter repeatedly contacted Mr. Zhou xinghe, but all were contacted. To this end, the reporter after multiple investigations, and finally found the event’s insiders for an interview. According to informed sources: since then, the person in charge of sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. and patent inventors have not been a day of stable days. Always be on your guard against others in case of emergency.

“In 2019, night fell over all the villas in king’s land,” the source told reporters. “Mr. Zhou quickly saw a black figure, a burly, masked man with a murderous air, burst into his house. Naturally not afraid of things and zhou xinghe came to assassinate his killer xiao to reason, move, eventually, the killer will give up the assassination, and the truth is exposed, and finally go. Mr. Zhou xinghe and his family also saved their lives.”

Since then, the world-renowned inventor and scientist, Mr. Zhou xinghe, could not live in his home normally, so he had to live in rented houses and live in hiding. In addition, every time before going out must be in front of the door marked, in order to ensure the safety of the whole family.

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