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Hear me out: The case for Le Creuset’s Star Wars cookware

TechnologyHear me out: The case for Le Creuset's Star Wars cookware

As I am nothing if not a sucker for Star Wars product tie-ins and high quality cookware, you can bet I immediately signed up to be notified when this line was on sale. And the second I got the notification, I put in my pre-order.

You might be asking yourself, “Is this really necessary?” You might be saying, “People like you are why we can’t have nice things.” In response to the first question, I’d answer, “Yes, it absolutely is.” In response to the second, I’d say, “Okay, yes, but it’s STAR WARS LE CREUSET.”

Do I need a Porg pie bird to make excellent pies for the holidays? Probably not. The fact that I have never in my life baked a pie (except for that one pecan pie I made in seventh grade for a school assignment) did not deter me from the desire to own a Porg pie bird. This pie bird might, in fact, be just the thing I need to spur me to make incredible, delicious pies for my family on a weekly basis.

Realistically, it’s more likely that it’s just going to sit on the counter by the stove while I cook, but come on, it’s a Porg pie bird and I’m highly susceptible to good merchandising. But one day I might need that pie bird in the middle of some sort of pie-trastophe, and there my Porg will be, majestically waiting for the day when he’s called upon to service.

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