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HDVC entered the Asian market, and its first operation center in China was established in Wuhan

FinanceHDVC entered the Asian market, and its first operation center in China was established in Wuhan

In late August, world famous unicorn chain HDVC will focus on Asian market layout, dedicated to build the new site service to Asia IPFS believers and encryption currency lovers, greater China operations center the first landing of the biggest cities in the central China, wuhan deployment server in Hong Kong at the same time, bring HDVC users better service experience.

HDVC(Hash Data Value Correction) is a decentralized intelligent value positioning platform for hyperlink distributed storage Data based on the underlying architecture of IPFS interstellar file system, which is launched at the beginning of 2020. The platform links global interstellar nodes through the distributed storage system. HDVC will leverage idle storage resources around the world to form a collaborative, decentralized intelligent data traceability that enables effective information resources to be priced correctly.

HDVC fully application of the data value orientation of thinking, making the Internet ecological groups of every main body can enjoy the right data value of progress, every body can be on the HDVC share or purchase network resources, quickly and easily and enjoy 5 g era to bring the network resources maximization of interests, peace of mind to enjoy network resources to produce the value of the assets. All information transmission, asset trading and capital allocation activities of users will be protected and supported based on blockchain technology.

At present, HDVC is making good progress in overseas markets and has reached important strategic cooperation with HDVC and Cisco, the world’s leading network solution provider, in technical services and network economic model.

At the same time, the Core Scientific strategic cooperation of the famous large-scale entity is HDVC American headquarters mines, has nearly 20 force center, distribution in China, the United States, Canada, Russia and other European countries and other regions, the total flight reservation to exceed 100000 units, providing thousands of PH/s real stable work force and form the global distributed power supply network, and through the global top 10 mineral pool access to their own research and development platform, providing customers with high quality service, convenient dig and calculate force.

For the Asian market, HDVC chain CEO Gustaf Granstrand, said Asian countries are first out of the influence of the outbreak of the new champions league in 2020, and is to block chain technology in “the disease”, “disease”, and promote economic and social aspects of potential show a more positive and enthusiastic, block chain of overseas projects and enterprises is not second market.

Granstrand also notes that HDVC’s global strategy has been steadily implemented and that it is only a matter of time before the Asian market is deployed, and that the team’s decision to do so is based on the multiple strengths and values of the Asian market.

First, Asia is home to the world’s leading exchanges. According to Coingecko, a cryptocurrency data analytics website, 132 of the 416 exchanges it lists globally are directly registered in Asia, accounting for about 32 per cent, while some, such as Coinecko and OKEx, are not registered in Asia but all have An Asian background. Asian exchanges account for 55 per cent, or 11 of the top 20. At the same time, Asia is stillSecond only to the Americas, China, Japan and South Korea are important trading areas.

Second, pool providers from Asia account for more than 90 percent of bitcoin’s online computing power. According to public data, as of May 1, 2020, among the top 10 mining pools in the world, 9 mining pool service providers from Asia account for 86.15% of the total network computing power. Cheap electricity, low Labour costs and a relatively friendly policy environment have helped Asia become the world’s digital currency mining powerhouse. In addition, there is another reason is that the world’s famous mining machine manufacturers such as Bitcontinent, Jiannan technology, Yibang international are concentrated in China, mining machine is easier to deploy nearby.

Thirdly, Asian users are active in DeFi project, especially Chinese users are very active in DeFi field. For example, MakerDAO, which accounts for 54% of the DeFi field, has the second most visitors in China, reaching 10.14%, second only to the United States.

Fourth, Asian blockchain financing events are frequent. In 2019, a total of 191 blockchain-related investment events were conducted, including 3 in Japan, 9 in South Korea, 19 in India and 47 in Singapore. Asia accounted for 41 percent of the global total of 269 financing rounds.

Fifth, the blockchain policies of Asian countries are more supportive, while those of other parts of the world are more of a regulatory nature. From the perspective of central bank digital currency, Asian central Banks are more tolerant and more willing to explore and try. The CENTRAL Bank of China has taken a substantial step to carry out pilot programs in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places.

In recent years, China’s blockchain industry has developed rapidly. Since February 2019, 730 blockchain projects have been registered with the Cyberspace Administration of China. Chinese companies also lead the world in patent filings. As an important economy in the world, the Chinese government’s tolerance and encouraging attitude has set off a huge wave around the world. Bitcoin surged by more than 30% overnight, which also shows China’s important position in the global blockchain industry.

It is undoubtedly a wise move for HDVC to enter the Asian market and make its first stop in greater China. In the future, HDVC will steadily advance the project process, build an ecological closed-loop with its own hematopoietic capability around IPFS distributed storage, and re-establish the decentralized business world in the digital economy era on top of the economic “ruins” left by the global COVID-19 epidemic.

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