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Geek Meets Chic: HALO LIFE debuts smart hardware

Press ReleaseGeek Meets Chic: HALO LIFE debuts smart hardware

HALO LIFE launches its first generation of the “LIFECODEX”, a sleek and smart hardware designed for adventurous and trendy gadget enthusiasts. 

HALO LIFE stores its ambitions in LIFECODEX, a product bridges consumer goods with technology. It provides curious minds with the possibility of futuristic lifestyle and fulfills their desire for innovation.

“Do not mindlessly follow, but be the trailblazer who sets sail for the future. Let us be born in the future.” remarks Simon Li, the chief executive of HALO LIFE.

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Evolution, according to HALO LIFE, is the way to connect with the future. The design of the LIFECODEX was inspired by the double helix structure of the DNA, which two strands represent the exploration of the universe and the aesthetics of biological evolution. It also shines a light on the motto of “nonconforming, non-replicating and uncompromising”.

The LIFECODEX comes in three hues-Cosmic Black, Dimensional White and Space Silver. The device can be rotated and lights up your favourite one square metre. 

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Trendy gadgets and wellness, a seldom-seen crossover that is finally achieved with HALO LIFE and TCI Bio teaming up. Four types of edible supplements are stored in the four tubes of the LIFECODEX. The functions of these edible supplements are self-explanatory-LIFECODEXSLEEP, LIFECODEXFIT, LIFECODEXDETOX, and LIFECODEXENERGY. They can be taken with style anytime and anywhere. 

LIFECODEX is available for pre-order starting September 1, 2021. The pre-sale price is $499. More information about the product can be found on HALO LIFE’s Instagram page.

HALO LIFE is a brand with the introspection of the life form and its future. It was founded in 2021 and strives to reach for the ever-changing lifestyle of the future.

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