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GAC–A mysterious force in the rise of cryptocurrency market

Press ReleaseGAC–A mysterious force in the rise of cryptocurrency market

In the past month, the digital currency index, represented by Bitcoin, has collapsed in the cryptocurrency investment market. Most individual investors in the world have suffered heavy losses in cryptocurrency. In the information age, the asymmetry of personal investment information makes many people unable to avoid risks in time. At the same moment, the fund institutions represented by GAC can gain profits in the predicament, which makes investors who buy GAC asset wealth management products feel gratified. Investors of GAC asset management have no loss in the fund income in May, but the monthly return rate exceeds the average return rate in the past 6 months, far exceeding that of peer fund institutions with over 90%.

GAC–A mysterious force in the rise of cryptocurrency market

About GAC

Polychain Capital is one of the largest digital currency funds in the world, located in San Francisco, USA, and Pantera Capital is its investor. Polychain Capital’s investment focuses on blockchain companies with technological breakthroughs, mainly investing in Tezos, MakerDAO, Starkware, Difinity, and Republic Protocol and so on. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry and is also the fastest rising digital currency fund. In May 2017, Polychain Capita’s core investment analysis team established GAC Digital Currency Investment Strategy Committee and established GAC series fund wealth management products. Since its establishment, the fund shares issued by the team have quickly won the reputation of being forward-looking and independent-minded. It is committed to bringing excellent returns to investors through active management of blockchain assets and portfolio. In the first quarter of this year, GAC completed the target of raising US $150 million for its digital currency hedge fund, and closed it at the same time. When the fund was launched in the second quarter, the fundraising target was $100 million. It is reported that the amount raised beyond expectations has been invested by well-known investors in New York City and Silicon Valley (including Marc Andreessen and Twitter, well-known venture capital institutions in Silicon Valley).

GAC analysis team said: Larger financial service providers will enter the digital currency market this year, and what you see is the exciting next wave of major investment opportunities based on the recently legalized asset classes. In addition, in the investment field of digital currency, wealth management funds including gold and precious metals, foreign exchange market and other products are also being opened simultaneously.

At present, the team manages long-term capital for famous venture capital funds, family offices, institutions and high net worth individuals. GAC business will have the opportunity to provide better service and return to all individual partners after entering the Asia-Pacific region.

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