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Future Focus – new commerce created by G-Libra Planet

TechnologyFuture Focus - new commerce created by G-Libra Planet

“Taking blockchain as an important breakthrough for innovation of core technology, and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation.”, which has become an important instruction after the learning meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Currently, blockchain turns to be a hot spot. G-Libra Planet uses the technology of blockchain – GMPC Combination Blockchain, through the Internet thinking, to empower fan economy with digital assets and create new commerce!

The foundation of building new commerce is data and asset interoperability

In the blockchain world, there are many underlying blockchain platforms, but most of them are very exclusive, which leads to many isolated value islands in today’s blockchain network. For the need of value exchange, the world will usher in the great wave of value network interconnection when different blockchains are connected.

As an important part of blockchain technology, GMPC Combination Blockchain not only supports the interconnection of the single-chain and public chains but also supports the interconnection of cross-chain and alliance chain, which can perfectly solve the problem of the traffic island. For example, GMPC can support the interconnection of Cosmos and Polkadot ecology. Furthermore, GMPC will become the world’s largest blockchain value flow engine. Based on the application scenario, GMPC will form a positive feedback ecology for the original chain and GMPC.

The Birth of G-Libra Planet

On September 27, 2019, the world’s first living application G-Libra Planet, supporting GMPC Combination Blockchain ecology, was launched in Hong Kong. Hong Kong G-Libra BlockChain Technology Co., Ltd., the main body, has reached strategic cooperation with Turing Crypto Fund, which is a famous American investment fund. The two parties agreed to carry out in-depth cooperation in global market development, ecological construction, resource sharing etc. And G-Libra Planet related businesses will further be internationalized.

The English name of G-Libra Planet, “G” represents GMPC Combination Blockchain technology and ecology. Libra and G-Libra Planet share the same idea to realize the fair redistribution of wealth. Astronomy has found a planet that is the most suitable for human survival outside the earth, which is called Gliese. It represents that human beings have living space outside the earth. We hope that G-Libra Planet is such a place where communities can start a new way of life.

In G-Libra Planet, users can participate in mining through four functional modules: fitness mining, content mining, consumption mining, and crazy mining, which are also the core characteristics of G-Libra Planet, and everyone can participate in and make profits.

Fitness mining: make every step of life valuable.

According to POW workload certification, G-Libra Planet enables users to obtain computing power rewards while exercising, and helps the whole people live a healthy and low-carbon life with the concept of “value walking”.

Content mining: your focus is rewarding.

Using the POW mechanism, namely proof of workload rights and interests, GMP token can be awarded and paid for attention through “behavior mining”. In G-Libra Planet, you can get GMPC computing rewards for reading and watching advertisements, so that advertisers can “pay” for your attention resources.

Consumption Mining: one vote means one vote.

The value of data resources is well known, while many companies secretly read their data behind consumers’ backs, they violate their privacy without any compensation. G-Libra Planet provides users with optional data value recognition and reward exchange ways. As long as the receipt of the cooperative business is uploaded, the system will automatically determine the value of the ticket after the approval and give a certain number of GMPC as a reward.

Crazy mine: a place that makes it easier for you to make money.

G-Libra Planet has also set up “crazy mine”, which is proved to be a dual mechanism Mining through POS staging equity pledge + POW workload. POS consensus allows the holder to simply participate in the network through staging and obtain the right to pack the block through “pledge”. In the process of transaction, the system will reward the nodes that pack and verify the block. You can pledge it in crazy mine, get individual mining calculation reward and get more GMPC.

Dividend: the first step of new business ecological practice

On November 7, 2019, the POS and PC contribution dividends of the ecological nodes of G-Libra Planet was launched simultaneously. 40% of the total profit of the whole ecological industry will be distributed to PC contributors through the POS equity dividend. At present, the ecology participating in the dividend includes three types of chain tours: app built-in board 10000 people bonus, cool chain entertainment, online Poker, and JokerPoker. Besides, G-Libra Planet will continue to expand new ecology and give more rewards to ecological contributors.

For users, this is recognition and reward for all community contributors. To better carry out the construction of the ecological expansion, G-Libra Planet launched the “star expansion plan”, invited friends to settle on the planet, which can become an ecological node. After becoming an ecological node, you can get a small block computing power reward. The whole ecological development of G-Libra Planet cannot be separated from the promotion and construction of users. The opening of dividends is the recognition and reward of users who make contributions to the ecological construction and an important embodiment of G-Libra Planet’s practice of the concept of “Labor for freedom”.

For G-Libra Planet, the opening of dividends is an indispensable step of the ecological loop. G-Libra Planet creates an ecological closed-loop of “Production”, “Circulation”, “Consumption” and “Incentive” to provide continuous hematopoietic capacity for the sustainable development of G-Libra Planet. In the context of increasingly clear blockchain industry policies, G-Libra Planet has a natural first-mover advantage, with more than 1.5 million registered users on-line so far.

For the industry, this is the first step to subvert the traditional business model and open new commerce for practical exploration. Throughout the 60 years of Internet development, there has never been a product that will give its users any dividends. In June 2019, Facebook released Libra, and the founder Mark Zuckerberg had given his idea: to have a network for all mankind to use, free circulation, free connection, and a new definition of wealth distribution, he believed that the distribution of wealth should be more equitable. G-Libra Planet combines the idea with the operation logic of GMPC and is committed to leading a new business ecosystem in which everyone can participate, pay, and return, and work freely to redistribute wealth.

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