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Possessor(s) is an eerily beautiful action sidescroller from Heart Machine Machine is working overtime. The studio...

Full of potential, but it’s going to be a while

At I/O 2024, Google’s teaser for ...

Future agreement with Ethernet intelligent contract

FinanceFuture agreement with Ethernet intelligent contract

Ethereum is a virtual currency. Etherscan is not an institution, but an open-source underlying system that can implement smart contracts on the blockchain. In just a few years, more than 200 ethereum apps have been created around the world. Ethereum is a platform and programming language that enables developers to build and deliver the next generation of distributed applications. Ethereum can be used for programming, decentralization, collateral, voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, corporate governance, contracts and most agreements, intellectual property, and smart assets that benefit from hardware integration.

The ZNHY token created by the technical executives of ethereum miners from Russia (the ethereum intelligent contract) can solve the pain points of global distributed computing (cloud computing) social media (we media), P2P crowdfunding, sharing, self-organization DAO, cross-border enterprises, e-commerce, finance, centralized banking, and centralized settlement trust.

ETH ethereum pioneered the new model of smart contract + DAPP, which presents all technologies in contract rules open source globally, and aims to create a safe, transparent and fair digital asset cycle environment for all gamers.
The Ethernet smart contract has been recently opened to the public on github and ETH ethereum. The Ethernet smart contract, which is completely centralized and unmanned, was created.

Through reasonable business logic and the sharing mechanism of “player + partner + node”, the etheric intelligent contract truly realizes the humanization, driving force and wealth effect. In the future, the etheric intelligent contract will be committed to building the world’s largest completely decentralized intelligent contract wealth community.

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