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First Cinematic NFT Series, The Future Is Now Film, Debuts 2 New Episodes Exploring Bitcoin, Dubai And More

Press ReleaseFirst Cinematic NFT Series, The Future Is Now Film, Debuts 2 New Episodes Exploring Bitcoin, Dubai And More

The first cinematographic NFT project “The Future Is Now Film” presented two new releases from the city of future Dubai and Hamburg, covering such intricate topics as how to create an ecosystem for innovations and how decentralisation will help world economies recover during the Great Reset.

First Cinematic NFT Series, The Future Is Now Film, Debuts 2 New Episodes Exploring Bitcoin, Dubai And More

#TheFutureIsNowFilm Puts Spotlight On How Blockchain Is “Transforming The Future”

The host of the documentary series, Los Angeles film maker, former TV Host, and news personality turned decentralised futurist, Miguel Francis-Santiago, in the Dubai episode “Transforming The Future”, takes the audience for a journey through AIBC Summit UAE 2021 –– one of the biggest gatherings in the blockchain community held by Eman Pulis & SiGMA Group. The release highlights that Dubai has set the precedent as the Mecca of innovation under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with a plethora of initiatives headed by Dubai Blockchain Center and the work of its CEO Dr. Marwan Alzarouni creating a safe harbour of innovation.

The take on the AIBC Summit includes projects and initiatives that allow the innovations to flourish which will help cities and communities become regenerative and truly decentralised in the future. The episode features such prominent blockchain thought leaders like Tim Draper, Tone Vays, and Brock Pierce, the 2020 US Presidential candidate from the Bitcoin Foundation. Featured stars also include Crystal Rose Pierce of Sense.Chat, Sergej Kunz of 1inch Network being the deepest liquidity aggregator in the space of DeFi, Matthias Mende of Bonuz Market an innovative celebrity marketplace & metaverse, Ilya Churakov of sustainable decentralised eco-system Global Digital Club, and Salim Ismail of OpenExO with Irina Litchfield of the Global Autonomous Network.

Decentralised Cryptocurrency Protocols Are “Aligning The Future”

The latest release wrapping the year of 2021 “Aligning The Future” takes the audience to Blockchance EU with Fabian Friedrich, the founder of Blockchance Group, to the heart of Germany’s blockchain hub Hamburg. The roving crypto documentarist Miguel Francis-Santiago invites us to explore how the world will look like after the Global Economic Reset and what initiatives might make the world more just and decentralised. Working and renowned use-cases are already paving the way such as TRON DAO with one of the most influential cryptocurrency protocols TRC-20 which overtook its counterpart USDT on Ethereum and became the largest transaction volume protocol in the market. Another exciting protocol appears in the film as well – GAMB from GLBrain giving power back to the merchants with zero transaction fees.

His Excellency Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON and as of recently, an Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation on behalf of Grenada, shares his vision on how countries and governments will deal with new economic realities by way of competitive CBDC’s. William Soriano, a Congressman from El Salvador, shares the implications of the country making Bitcoin a legal tender, while Mark Buckley from the United Nations shares his ideal model for a sustainable, decentralised and regenerative future. The opinions on new realities are also provided by such blockchain community veterans like Wolfgang Pinegger of GAMB Power to the Merchants, Fabian Vogelsteller the Co-Founder of ERC20 Protocol, and Veronika Kuett of autonomous city systems with Tripolis Corp.

New Episodes Planned And Mass Adoption Movement Goals

Currently, the TFIN DAO team is producing new episodes with the support of the NFT-vehicle with a major goal – the mission of inspiring mass adoption with an “infotainment” approach. The new method of financing and decentralising cinematography is set to reach new horizons and be featured on such platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, according to the founder and show’s creator Miguel Francis-Santiago. Join the conversation and become a part of the community by supporting TFIN DAO. Be part of #TheFutureisNowFilm movement!

About The Future Is Now Film

The Future is Now Film (TFIN) by Oneday Productions is the first NFT documentary film series that has been covering Bitcoin’s disruption across the world over the past 5 years. TFIN is scaling blockchain mass adoption through cinema and storytelling, public relations and its consulting arm of TFIN DAO ecosystem. The film series has been a guest to over 20 gatherings around the world, from Puerto Rico to Hong Kong and beyond and has featured John McAfee, Brittany Kaiser, Max Keiser, Larry King, AKON and other leaders in the space of innovation. 19 episodes have been filmed so far and over 15 countries explored through the lens of The Future is Now Film and the intricate future that disruption and Bitcoin will bring to the world. Miguel Francis-Santiago recalls the vision;

“From the beginning our goal was to inspire the masses while connecting the creme de la creme of our industry around the planet. I always envisioned something that I would feel absolutely aligned with in terms of wielding the power of cinema and storytelling. This film has led me to embark on working with Brock Pierce on his 2020 Presidential campaign visuals and then I realised this is it. If there was ever a message I wanted the world to hear then this is it, and the time is now.”

The team is currently in Dubai and has wrapped up filming WOW Summit “The World of Web3” & AIBC Summit 2022 “Innovators of The Future” while producing the full feature for Netflix and other digital distributors. You can catch the team next up in Miami for BTC 2022.

The Future is Now Media Group Website | Telegram | Twitter | and Oneday Productions.

Featured innovators: AIBC Summit | 1inchNetwork | TRON | Bonuz Market | GAMB | BLOCKCHANCE | Global Digital Club | OpenExo | GAN

Contact details: Please contact the PR manager of TFIN DAO Katerina Futur katerinafutur(at)

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