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Explore the future of EXP: Develop the world’s first financial inclusion DeFi ecosystem

Press ReleaseExplore the future of EXP: Develop the world’s first financial inclusion DeFi ecosystem

Looking back at 2020, the concept of DeFi, the innovator of the digital currency market, was launched, and it injected the entire crypto ecosystem A whole new energy. In the past two years of development, decentralized finance is widely known as  “DeFi”, such as the value of assets locked into  DeFi applications earlier last year $1 billion, and the DeFi ecosystem based on various mainstream public chains has also shown a strong growth momentum.

Much of this growth has to do with the attractively high interest rates offered by these agreements. With the arrival of 2022, more and more DeFi projects are on the rise, including the creators of the new DeFi form – explore the future!

Explore the future of EXP: Develop the world’s first financial inclusion DeFi ecosystem

EXP – DeFi based on TRON chains

Exploring the Future EXP is an open source decentralized global community autonomous organization created on the Tron Chain in 2022. The project issues an ecological universal token called EXP, which can be used by anyone holding the token worldwide to participate in project governance, dividends and ecological applications.

Since it is based on the TRON (TRON) blockchain network, it has the recognition of many tron community enthusiasts since its birth, so EXP is a DeFi consensus ecological platform that unites the strength of millions of community users around the world. With a strong financial concept (fairness, transparency, inclusiveness, responsibility), we will explore the future and will join forces with the world’s top 100 communities to jointly open a truly sustainable circular economy model , to create an inclusive global financial ecosystem with deep scalability and sustainable development.

Powerful rebirth economic mechanisms

EXP uses the immutable, open and transparent and decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology to create a new investment model – rebirth mechanism, which solves the potential risks such as platform illegal operation, project fraud, and information leakage inherent in the traditional financial model  Improve the safety of participants’ funds and the efficiency and stability of their returns, and ultimately present a fair, open and just inclusive financial platform for global users, release the potential vitality of DeFi, and promote the development of global open finance.

In the rebirth mechanism, users must understand that only team action can defeat the organization, and can not be harvested by the giants. The threshold for participating in the rebirth mechanism is extremely simple, and participants only need to recharge USDT+3% EXP to participate in ecological consensus. This is followed by pooling forces to reach a consensus goal. For example, if the first consensus is 1000U, the second phase of consensus 1300U will be opened after completion, that is, the consensus goal of each subsequent period will be increased by 30% on the basis of the previous period, and the increase will be increased 30% of the smart contract benefits were distributed to all participants in the previous period.

But users will worry that with the continuous expansion of the consensus goal, there will always be a certain period of consensus goal that cannot be completed, and then the greatness of the rebirth mechanism will be revealed! If a certain period of consensus fails, the USDT 100% recharged in the current period is returned to the original way, and 6% exp gain is returned, and the penultimate 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods are returned 85% USDT and weighted share of 5% of exp gains, and immediately activate the rebirth mechanism, starting with the Phase 1 Consensus Objectives.

EXP explores the future ecology to implement a large circulation system of funds, drive the external circulation within the loop, realize the high circulation of funds, let the funds generate value in circulation, and let the value return to the user after birth, that is, the extreme situation of not reaching the consensus goal appears, and the rebirth mechanism is also perfect Solve the pain point of the bottom of the funds, ensure the long-term operation of the capital flow, and make the win-win ecology close to every participant!

ExP’s issuance mechanism

ExP circulation is 1 trillion pieces, each buy, sell, transfer and other transactions automatically destroy 5%, and finally the extreme deflation is destroyed 10 million pieces, written to smart contracts, GitHub code throughout the open source.

Ecological landing application

DAO decentralized module governance: The decentralized contract data editing of the technical team is established by technical personnel in different regions in batches, and the community decentralizes the agentless system, which creates great value in the decentralized and optimizes the efficiency of asset flow through the technical characteristics of the chain

Financial ecological credit: Explore future data analysis based on anonymous data available to credit in the blockchain encrypted digital currency financial ecosystem, and users can monitor activities through contract surveys.

Decentralized Marketplace And World Interoperability: EXP achieves interoperability through a storage and distributed sharing platform that combines decentralized marketplaces and decentralized wallets; stores DAPP data records with smart contracts, and interconnects with blockchain data for each Internet that provides trust.


The birth of the DeFi agreement is the only way for traditional finance to move to a new stage and an important turning point. Now, the advent of EXP has shown that exploring the future can fully unleash the powerful dynamism of the DeFi protocol and reverse traditional organizations and institutions Investment awareness, truly deFi’s inclusive finance throughout the world, together with hundreds of millions of community users, to build a win-win meta-universe!

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